Morning Joe! Bang for your Buck

Good morning Rumblers,

Today's Joe is a really interesting one; I'm sure that you all have thought about this at one point over the past week. As we all know, we signed Mario to a unprecedented contract. Me and others like me was super excited that we landed a guy of his caliber. But something happen to me right after his signing, that I wanted to share with you. It had me thinking about a few things.

So anyone who knows me, they'll know that I'm really cheap, haha. Now for the longest I thought I was just thrifty or fruigle, but my wife has convinced that I'm cheap. I hate buying condiments (ketchup, salt, pepper, etc), paper towels, toilet tissue, and basic household goods; because I feel you can get these things from fast food joints. I don't buy cologne, and I buy the cheapest soap available. I currently have a minute plan on my Iphone (yes I figured this out). I have the basic cable service with no movies or anything. I only pay for the NFL ticket. I don't eat out, and I haven't eaten out for lunch in 5 years. I hate to throw away food and it will have to go bad in order for me to be okay with throwing it way. I don't go shopping and my wife has to buy me things or I wouldn't get it for myself. I've gotten progressively worse over the years. I like cheap and reliable cars; I stay in the cheapest hotels (barring no bed bugs), because all I really need is four walls. I never upgrade my rental car, and I think Groupon, Living Social, Craigslist, Angie's List, Ebay, are the best thing that was thought of in the 20th and 21st century. I just hate spending money on things I don't deem necessary or important.

So after we signed Mario, I was ecstatic. I ran too my wife and told her we just signed him for 6yrs 100 mil, and like any "good" wife she took the wind right out of my sails. She says "geez for that kind of money, they could've filled every hole on the team". "Knowing how cheap you are, I'm surprise you're happy about this". So of course she really blew my "high" on this one, but what she said had me thinking. If it was possible to land one of the top CB's, WR, DE's, LB's would I have done it over signing Mario?

So my question is this Bills fans, is having a player like Mario worth passing up on the opportunity to get a bunch of guys at key positions?

Below is my argument for both and I'll let you decide

For Signing Mario:

Of course signing a guy like Mario does wonders for our pass rush and our front 4. He will immediately make guys on the line better as well as the LB's and Secondary. His star power is much needed for this city, the fans, and the organization. Both on the field and off the field, this guy is match made in Heaven for the Bills. He's an elite talent that you can depend on putting up great sack totals and pressure on the QB. He could be the missing link to getting us over the hump.

For Signing top Guys at Key Positions over Mario:

Mario is only one guy. Like he said at his presser, he can't catch the ball, throw the ball, run the ball etc. And as some Bills fans (myself included) know, that if he gets injured, we're back where we started. He hasn't been healthy over the past few years, and there is possibility that we can expect some injuries while he's here. Instead of signing Mario, we could've made a huge push for either CB (Carr, Finnergan), WR (Meachem, Lloyd, Mannighham), DE (Abraham, Anderson, Carter), LB (Lofton, Hawthrone, Wimbley). There was a possibility that we could've land a top 3 guy from each of these positions; immediately filling these holes, leaving us more options in the draft.

So hindsight is 20/20, looking back at this what would you have preferred? Be honest, this isn't a knock on Mario or any other guys, but is one Superstar type guy worth filling key holes with great guys? Let your voices be heard.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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