7 Round Bills Mock Draft w/ Player Commentary! Please Comment!

Hey guys! I am a longtime follower and a new member to SB Nation. I do a few of my own mock drafts every year that my friends always enjoy. Figured I would share it with everyone here. I gave my first and second option for the draft (A vs B) and I did my best guess for the draft order. Let me know what you think:

Round 1, Pick 10)

A) Jonathan Martin LT Stanford; Should be a franchise Left Tackle for a very long time. Smart, strong, healthy, and a high character guy.

B) Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama; I think he played better this season than Claiborne and his off the field issues seem small not unlike Lee Evans.

Round 2, Pick 41)

A) Lavonte David OLB Nebraska; High motor, fast, and a tackling machine. Fits the OLB mold Dave Wannstedt brought up earlier this off season.

B) Zebire Sanders LT Florida; A need position and Sanders is smart, athletic, long, and plays with a nasty streak. Plus tape shows he can play LT at the next level.

Round 3, Pick 70)

A) Brandon Boykin CB Georgia; One injury and people seem to forget he was one of the best cover corners in the SEC. Huge upside with him.

B) Brian Quick WR App St; A legit downfield threat fast, long, and tall (6’4”). He would push to start opposite Johnson immediately.

Round 4, Pick 105)

A) Jake Bequette DE Arkansas; This draft’s Kyle Williams; high motor, tough, and had 10 sacks and 10 forced fumbles in 10 games in the SEC in 2011. He ran a faster 40 than Curry, Ingram, & Jones and the same as Couples.

B) Keenan Robinson OLB Texas; Another potential starter. Great in pursuit, very athletic, and a high character. Would replace Barnett or Morrison down the road.

Round 4, Pick 124)

A) Dwight Jones WR UNC; A rough Senior Bowl and poor combine numbers pushed him down boards but he is tall and athletic. His numbers in college speak volumes as does his game speed which is faster than tested. Good value for someone who experts thought might sneak into the first round originally.

B) Janze Jackson FS McNeese State; Extremely athletic developmental prospect who has all the talent you could ask for at the position. No matter what he would be a special teams phenom immediately.

Round 5, Pick 136)

A) Keshawn Martin WR Michigan State; This guy is an athletic freak, 6’ and has been clocked as low as 4.34 during his pro-day. Great hands and was one of the best punt returners in the Big Ten. Look at his stats and you’ll realize just how special he can be in our spread offense.

B) Terrell Manning LB NC State; A need position and he adds immediate depth and will contribute on special teams. He has the numbers and athleticism to be a steal this late.

Round 5, Pick 139)

A) Robert Blanton CB/S Notre Dame; Anyone who saw this kid play knows how competitive and driven he is. He will start eventually. Strong tall addition to the secondary is exactly what Chan is looking for.

B) Brian Linthicum TE Michigan State; Big, strong, aggressive blocker, and soft hands. Really impressed at the Senior Bowl and has good measurables (Lifted 225lbs 28 times at proday). He adds Fitz with another big option over the middle.

Round 6, Pick 167)

A) David Molk C Michigan; This kid is a bruiser inside, slightly undersized but had Levitre work ethic and we need depth incase Wood gets injured again.

B) Jacquies Smith DE Missouri; High motor pass rush specialist who is extremely undervalued. He adds depth and versatility as he stood up a lot in college.

Round 7, Pick 201)

A) Donte Paige-Moss DE UNC; Once regarded as a first round lock he regressed and was injured his junior year before opting to leave early. Could be amazing or could be a bust but it’s the 7th round, why not.

B) Garth Gerhart C Arizona State; High football IQ and plays with a nasty streak but is undersized. Adds depth and experience to a position that has neither.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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