Morning Joe/5 Hour Energy! Developmental QB; here?

Good afternoon Rumblers,

Sorry for the confusing title. Normally I do my write ups in the morning, thus the "Morning Joe" title. But since it's 2:30 in the afternoon (EST), I decided to play off the 5 hour Energy commercial, :-). So I was going to wait and write this tomorrow morning, but I couldn't wait.

Okay, so lately since we (Bills) have been addressing our pass rushing holes via free agency. It has subsequently opened up a lot of options for us at pick #10. I've seen a lot of Rumblers speak of drafting a "developmental-type QB" at some point in the draft. Now I won't use this time to speak of individual players, as it's completely irrelevant for this discussion. However, I want to discuss the idea of drafting a developmental QB.

Now when you think of a developmental QB, you think of some guy who has some physical skills, a bit raw in terms of playing the position, and that you will like to sit behind the starter in learn the position for a couple years. Correct?

Now in terms of the Bills, that guy will sit and learn behind Fitzpatrick, right? Before I go on, just take a moment and think about that for a second. Okay, are you finish?

What's the problem you ask?

The problem is this; do I really want my young developmental QB, sitting and learning behind a marginal QB? Holy crap! Let the hatred come. But it all seriousness, I'm not too comfortable with the idea. We all know Fitz isn't an elite QB, in fact some might just say he's average. Maybe he's just good enough for us Bills. One can argue that if released today, he won't be able to start on 90% of the teams in the league.

I don't mean to kill Fitz, he's our guy for the near future and I'll ride with him until the end, but I'll hate for a young and impressionable guy to sit behind a QB who just isn't all that good. Now, I know some will say he can learn some useful things from Fitz, but I always felt you learn better by demonstration and actually seeing someone do what is actually being instructed.

Some people won't agree with this at all, and that's fine. Critcism can be hard to take at times, especially when it involves our beloved Bills. But lets use an analogy that the majority of us can relate to.

If you're starting a new job, and your Supervisor tell you that you will be training with the "C" type employee. How confident would you be that this person is qualified enough to teach you the job? Not very confident huh? Yeah he can tell you about how to use the time card machine, and log in to your CPU. But is he really the best person qualified to teach you your actual job? Uhh Probably not.

So Bills fan I'll leave you this. Getting a developmental QB might sound good, but let's make sure we have the QB and coaches in places to actually groom one. At this point, this Organization, Regime, and QB haven't proved that one can come here and actually be groomed to be a starter one day.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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