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Hello fellow Bills Fans,

I wont lie I have been reading the posts for the draft and I keep seeing time and time again QBs being drafted and it makes me shake my head. The draft I believe should be used to draft a Immediate Starter or almost immediate starter in the sense of waiting one season before plugging them in. So to cut to the chase I believe as Bills Fan that the Bills wont draft a Quarterback at all. Unless the impossible happens and Andrew Luck or RGIII fall to #10. This post serves to show that all this draft hype and projections has to be taken with a grain of salt especially if not more so at the QB position and there are other options out there that were hyped during their draft days and now are perfect to snatch off of practice squads and other teams rosters.

IMHO what the Buffalo Bills will do is the smart thing and comb through other NFL rosters and find a developmental QB that isn't a rookie. We saw this last year when they tried to grab Graham Harell from the Green Bay Packer. I see them pulling this type of move again. Grabbing a guy that knows the NFL life that can fit into our system but wont cost us a pick and will be an easy enough pick up off another teams Practice squad. Some have seen game action others haven't but that is the point of Developing them.

What do you think fellow Bills Fans? Oh and for the record cause I"m sure most will be like what if Fitz gets hurt we can't throw in Thigpen he was horrible. I say give him one more year last season was a fluke with players not being prepared and ready for the season. I don't think a rookie outside of Luck or RGIII could come in and not have a drop off. Plus I'm curious to see how David Lee may help him out.

Just to name a few possible prospects in no specific order actually in the NFL some of these may sound familiar from past drafts:

  1. Jerrod Johnson. 6-5 251. 23 years old. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Nick Hill. 6-3 210.26 years old. Green Bay Packers
  3. Dan LeFevour. 6-3 230. 25 years old. Jacksonville Jags. Projected 3-4 pick in 2010
  4. Zac Robinson. 6-3 220.25 years old. Cincy Bengals. Drafted by the Patriots.Ideal Spread Offense.
  5. McLeod Bethel-Thompson. 6-4 230. 23 years old. Minnesota Vikings.
  6. Stephen McGee. 6-3 225. 26 years old. Dallas Cowboys
  7. Greg McElroy. 6-2. 225. 23 years old. New York Jets. Have both Tebow and Stanton. Had solid years in the SEC.
There is just a few feel free to add your own at the comments, you can research and look up the names to see college stats and pro stats. This type of move help construct our offensive line and settle our starting TE problem.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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