My Results From Live Draft

So, the current installment of the live draft is going on over at Mocking the Draft. I was able to be the GM during this installment, and had many ideas going into it. I wanted to stay mostly put, because that is what I believe Nix will do. Well, the first round was anything but predictable and normal, here in the link to the current Draft Tracker.

With everything going like it did, I strayed a little from my plan and decided to move a little

Got a little crazy huh? Well i tried to stay calm and take guys who would help this team now. Nix has done a lot this offseason to keep core guys and made a big splash on the defense with Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. What Now with all of this help on defense, i fealt we needed some more firepower and help on the offense. This draft is not necessarily BPA, but tries to fill holes while not making reaches. This is how it shook down:

Round 1, Pick 10: Michael Floyd, WR, ND

Round 2, Pick 41: Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

Round 2, Pick 60: Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson

Round 4, Pick 125: Brock Osweiler, QB, AZ State

Round 5, Pick 136: Terrell, Manning, OLB, NC State

Round 5, Pick 137: Dequan Menzie, CB, Alabama

That’s it, done after 5. But, i believe all of these guys have the potential to contribute right away minus Brock. The top 3 picks are day one starters and give us a big boost on offense.

After watching how this draft was going, I decided to make some moves and get some guys that will help us win now. Brock is a big quarterback that can make all the throws and is mobile. I think he is a great candidate to learn from Fitzpatrick and have a few years to learn Chan’s system.

Floyd is a great complement to Stevie and could really have a big year, or open it up for Stevie to have an even bigger one.

Adams is not perfect, but was great value where I got him. He would not only start day one, but this would leave Hairston as great depth.

Dwayne Allen is a great receiving TE and not to shabby as a blocker. I like Chandler and he has great hands and is a top red zone target, but Allen has athletic ability that Chandler could only dream of.

Manning and Menzie both have some development needed, but would create instant upgrade in depth and would both get playing time this year.

I personally would love this draft and think that the Bills would have a real good shot at the playoffs next year.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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