The Masses Shall Decide My Fate, Part 2: The Poll

Ok so it's been over a week, sorry for my tardiness, but I've had a hellofa week. If you missed my previous post, here's he long and short of it: I lost a bet saying that Mario would never sign with the Bills (for the record I've never been happier about loosing a bet before). The original bet was that I would eat my shoe if he signed with us. Now knowing that that would be absurdly dangerous, I turned my fate over to the masses, and am letting you decided my fate.

Before I get to the top 5 rec'd suggestions, I'll start by eliminating one myself (btw it was actually the option that got the second most rec's):

i think

we need to make Stevie know about that bet. So, he will be able to make Canadian meet with Mario at Training camp. Then he will put Canadian against Mario in that crazy drill, i cant remenber the name, that one when he lines up against mario in one-on-one and try to block him. That would be sweet!

by Fernando brazil on Mar 15, 2012 9:21 PM EDT actions 34 recs

The reason I'm eliminating this one is just because too awesome to be a punishment for me. I would do it in a split second if it was possible. So with that said, if someone can make this happen, I will do the TOP TWO voted punishments of the poll. SO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!

So without farther adieu, here are the top 5 suggestions from my previous post:

Number 1, from buffalobacker, with 36 rec's:


Get a Mario tattoo or a #Mario haircut and post on this site.

Number 2, from Dr. Brackish Okun, with 30 rec's:

I know this isn’t nasty, but it promotes further Bills fandom, so I’m putting it out there. Buy two tickets to a game and give them to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go.

Number 3, from NordicBillsfan, with 23 rec's:

I propose two slices of pizza with the following toppings:

1) Sauerkraut
2) Horseradish
3) Wasabi
4) Gerber’s Baby Food – Pea Flavored.
5) Rocky Mountain Oysters cut into pepperoni-shaped slices

Number 4, from Brad Bishop, with 16 rec's:

wear a tom brady jersey and have the biggest hard hitting guy you know wear a mario williams jersey and let him hit u so i can see how great that will look for 6 years to come. two bonuses you buy the jerseys so u get a mario williams jersey out if the deal then you burn the tom brady jersey and post it on a new england fan based site and you own up to your bet. oh thats three bonuses.

Number 5, and perhaps the most cruel and sadistic of them all, from Der Jaeger, with 12 rec's:

Dress like Lady Gaga. Go to a dance club. Dance. Have someone take video. Post it one Youtube. Link it here.

So those are the top 5 options. The Poll will end on April 7th, and remember, if you can get me to actually be tackled by Mario Williams I will do two of these. So have at it, start voting!!!!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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