Brian's Sweet Sixteen

This started off as a comment to Brian's poll "Guess the Bills' Pick in 2012 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft" but got waaaaaay too long. I decided to do just a little research to back up my position and ended up doing a lot. Presented here are my opinions of Brian's 16 choices for the Bills' Number 10 pick.

Watched video, read reports, all that jazz on everyone one your list except the DT's (I'm happy with what we've got there). There is only ONE prospect on your list that I would feel comfortable taking at 10, and that prospect is Michael Floyd. He's big, doesn't shy away from contact, makes all the catches, has great body control, and is fast. I don't know why people say he isn't a playmaker. I hate his DUI conviction, but am willing to hope he's learned his lesson and has grown past it. Michael Floyd is my pick at 10.

Not comfortable taking Tannehill at 10, I just don't know if he's good enough to make that commitment to developing him.

I like Kendall Wright, but not at 10. We can find a deep threat/speed receiver at a later pick.

I have previously said that I like Mike Adams as our LT of the future, but now I'm not so sure. He's been reported as lazy and immature, has been in trouble, and needs a lot of polishing. That OSU team seems pretty tainted right now.

I kind of like Cordy Glenn, but again, not at 10 (hey, that rhymes!). He's huge, but lacks quickness. I like his foundational skills, but he also needs a lot of work and a little more mental toughness. I can see why he is being projected as either a G or OT. I like his run-blocking skills a lot. If we have the time to develop him I really wouldn't mind picking him in a trade-back situation.

Jonathan Martin. I just...wish there was more here. He's really good at what he does, but he's a one trick pony. He's a really good pass blocker that would excel in our "get the ball out quick" offense with a fairly mobile QB. He doesn't seem to make mistakes. Maybe its just Stanford's offense, but there is often a TE lined up on his side. He doesn't get to the second level much, he isn't "nasty" and he isn't big or strong. I could see us picking him because he's "safe" and fits our scheme and needs, but he's just not dominant and doesn't seem like a big enough upgrade to me.

Reilly Reiff. I would not like this pick at all. OK, he's nasty, quick, and gets to the second level. You watch him play though, and you notice that he falls all over himself and the guys he's blocking. He leans too much, like he's top-heavy, pushing too hard. Its a combo of the short arms that have been so well documented and not enough lower body strength. No thanks.

Coples? Noples.

Ingram is another guy I used to like, before we beefed up DE in FA and before doing my homework. I'll refer you to this NFP article to explain why Give me a trade down for Perry at DE, Mercilus at DE or OLB, or Curry/McClellin in round 2 please.

Count me among those who doesn't really get all the fawning for Courtney Upshaw, especially if we're going to try to make him fit in a 4-3 with the personnel that we already have. He'd be an upgrade over Chris Kelsay for sure, but at this point I'm much more interested in 4-3 OLB's who can cover, contain, and rush the passer. Upshaw can contain and rush, but not cover, and he is helped by the other players on his Alabama D. I see a lot of pile-jumping in his highlights.

Not an overall fan of Kuechly. I like that he can cover TE's and has speed and athleticism. However, I think he's really overrated. Years of watching "tackling machines" Poz and Whitner make me wary of placing so much stock in that attribute. When you watch him tackle he's way too high, and he often gets over-aggressive and then gets juked out of his jock. I'm much more willing to roll with Sheppard/McKillop/Barnett at ILB and draft some OLB's to push Barnett/Morrison. I fear that Kuechly was Brian's pick.

Jenkins is alright. I like that he's tough and scrappy and hard to get separation from. Punt/kick return abilities and good hands are intriguing, but I'm still not sure he's worth it at 10. His personal issues gross me out. Level of competition at North Alabama worries me, and I'm not truly sure about his coverage skills because of it.

I'm also not sure about Dre Kirkpatrick's coverage skills. I admit that I don't watch much college FB, but I've done a thorough highlights/game video review of all of the above, and I didn't see that many clips of Kirkpatrick running down the sideline and breaking up passes or jamming his guy at the line. Mostly they were shots of him playing off man coverage and closing on short routes and making a big hit. Feel free to correct me me here if you've got vids that illustrate his ability to play shutdown corner, but I see him becoming a safety.

Lastly, I would consider DeCastro at 10. I love Levitre and am really happy with the guys on the right side we picked up off the scrap heap, but DeCastro is special and doesn't have much downside. An interior line of DeCastro, Wood, and Levitre would be sick if we could work it out.

So, for me, its Floyd, DeCastro, or trade down. Or hope that one of Kalil/Claiborne/Blackmon somehow falls. Thanks for reading!

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