The only Mock Draft you will need to look at

Last year I didn't do a mock draft, however the year before I did one real early. Like January early, and 5 of the 9 guys I put in my mock draft ended up being Bills, either from the draft or signing as undrafted free agents. I am hoping for similar success, however since I am doing it this late in the game my odds are lessened, but we shall see.

I also feel the need to say that I have not looked at a single mock draft that any of you have done, so any similarity between this mock and anything that you did means that you are clearly a highly intelligent individual. Here goes nothing:

Round 1 pick 10: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama : I really struggled with this pick and I honestly feel that the Bills can go in several different directions. This pick and how the Bills do eventually go will decide the rest of the draft. Ultimately I would take Jenkins because he is a combination of BPA and a need filler all in one. Terrence McGee isn't long for the NFL and is a huge injury risk. Drayton Florence struggled pretty bad last year. However the presence of those guys gives the Bills the ability to slowly work Jenkins into the lineup. Next year Jenkins could be playing next to Aaron Williams and giving the Bills a play making duo that given the improved pass rush should be both opportunistic and dynamic.

Round 2 pick 41: Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson : The Bills really want take somebody else here but they are thrilled to see Allen still on the board. Allen is a great blocker and has outstanding hands. He has the ability to go up and get the tough passes and is a terrific red zone threat. He ran a slow 40 time at the combine and that hurt his draft stock a little which is why he will slide a bit but that really shouldn't hurt his ability to get open too much. Most Bills fans will hate this pick initially and after the first two selections will be contemplating ritual suicide.

Round 2 pick 48 : (Trade with New England) : Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State: The Bills really wanted to take Osweiler earlier but felt they couldn't pass on Allen so now they trade back into the second round and grab the QB they wanted all along. Osweiler is a great fit for Buffalo, big, tall, athletic, but needs a little work. He can sit behind Fitz and learn. The Bills like Osweiler so they go up and get him In return they trade their 3rd rounder (#72) and the first of their two 4th rounders (#105). Not a high price to pay for the QB of your future, especially when you have an extra 4th and 5th anyway.

Round 4 pick 125 : Derek Wolfe, DE/DT, Cincinnati : The Bills still need some depth along the Defensive line. Wolfe can play either end or tackle in a 4-3 system. Wolfe has great speed and strength which allows him to get to the QB quickly and he is pretty stout vs the run as well. Wolfe may be off the board at this pick, but there are always guys who slide, mainly because there are only so many guys who can go in the first 3 rounds. Despite a nice showing at the combine Wolfe failed to generate any sort of buzz. Which is why I am gambling that A) he will still be there at this point, and B) if he is there he will be the BPA on the Bills board.

Round 5 pick 136 : James Brown, OT, Troy : I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is far later then any of you would like to see the Bills address this position, but if we are being honest this will most definitely not be the first time that has happened. The Bills see Hairston as a starter, if they didn't they would have either resigned Bell or signed somebody else by now. That said, they clearly need depth and a guy who can either push Hairston or surpass him. Brown is a sleeper prospect who flashed at the Senior Bowl. Against elite competition, he showed some real quickness and athletic ability. With work he could start in a year. In a pinch he could start this year.

Round 5 pick 139 : Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State : A bit of a reach pick here but the Bills got a good look at him when they went to the ASU pro-day, and they might see the player that was once thought to be an early round pick. Burfict had a terrible combine, and horrible pro day and apparently did very poorly in his one on one interviews. which is why he has dropped so far, but his game tape will tell the tale of a different player. He can be very stout against the run and has a tendency to intimidate opposing players with his aggressive play. At worst he can sit for a year on the practice squad.

Round 6 pick 167 : Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas State : More Linebacker depth for a team that really needs some. Davis has nice speed to help him cover opposing TE's and was one of the stronger linebackers at the combine. He has decent coverage abilities and can rush the QB. He is considered a bit of a sleeper pick and could prove to be a huge steal at this point in the draft for the Bills.

Round 7 pick 201: Garth Gerhart, C/G, Arizona State: The Bills take their 3rd Sun Devil. Gerhart is a project pick that was taken for two reasons. 1) he was Osweiler's center in college and since neither will be on the active roster a bit of familiarity will help both of them transition to the next level. and 2) Given Eric Wood's injuries the past few years the Bills will want too look for a little depth even if that depth starts out on the practice squad. He can play either center or Guard and is thought of a as solid run blocker who plays pretty physical. Sometimes through the whistle. He has many traits that Wood shows.

I know that I didn't draft a single WR in this mock, but here is the thing. Look at what the Bills have at WR on the Current roster : Steve Johnson, Marcus Easley. Derek Hagan, Ruvell Martin, David Nelson, David Clowney, Kamar Aiken and Naaman Roosevelt. After Johnson there really is just a ton of experienced depth players. If the Bills do not add a WR early then there really isn't any point in doing so. Do you really see anybody who will be on the board at say round 4 or so that can beat out 3 of these guys for a roster spot? Unless the Bills take a guy like Floyd at number 10 or somebody else they like really early then I can't see them drafting a WR at all. Their best bet to add a WR might just be via free agency after some cuts are made and they can pick up a veteran cheap.

Also one thing you should probably keep in mind; Just remember the draft almost never goes the way you think it will. Look at the final product as a whole and see if you like the end result. Just because they didn't take the guy you wanted them to in the first 2 rounds doesn't mean the whole thing is a flop. That goes for any mock draft as well as the real thing. Enjoy.

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