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Good morning Rumblers,

Happy Monday!

In the next few weeks or so, we will be drafting the players that will ultimately represent the rebuild process of the New Buffalo Bills. It's an exciting time for Bills fans and fans of the NFL. Unfortunately, there may be one or two picks we will regret making, but that's okay because we all realize that it's part of the process.

Very few times in life do we have the opportunity to right a wrong, or turn back the hands of time to things differently. I myself often reflect on some of the choices that I made and wonder how life would've had turned out for me if I would've done XYZ. Would my life have been better or worse? But like most people, I play the hand that I'm dealt and live life with no regrets.

As you all know, in the 2011 draft we drafted the "Big Elepant" Marcel Dareus with the 3rd overall pick. He's been great for us as a rookie and he led the team with 5.5 sacks, and even though he's been a hit for us; I still can't help thinking about what if Cam and Von was there at 3. Should we have drafted AJ Geen or Patrick Peterson? What about JJ Watt, Aldon Smith, Julio Jones, and Ryan Kerrigan? Would our team would've been better today if we would've drafted anyone of those guys instead of Dareus. Last year, Cam was getting killed on this board and rightfully so. Von was labeled as a pass rushing OLB and that's it. AJ was too weak. Aldon didn't have the body of work and played too high. Kerrigan wasn't athletic enough. Peterson was too big to play CB. The list went on and on. Of course, these guys went on and had great rookie seasons

So Bills fans, I want to give you all an opportunity to "right a wrong" or turn back the hands of time. But I ask you to give this some real thought. Knowing what you know now, and looking at the available talent in the 2012, would you still want Dareus at 3 or would you prefer another guy (assuming everyone was available)?

Now I know us Bills fans are extremely loyal, and picking against a fan favorite in Dareus will be hard to do. But I ask you to remove emotion out of this one and really think like a GM. Put the Bills first; not the name on the back of the Jersey.

So there you have it, assuming all players were available when we picked, who would you draft?

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