Morning Joe! Unusual and Rare Optimistic Post

Good morning Rumblers,

This post is going to be an unusual one for me.

Generally, I'm an upbeat kind of guy, but when it comes to the Bills I just realized how negative can be. Over the pass 12 years or so I've been very pessimistic and unfortunately I've been taking it out in my post. I occasionally beat players up and I'm a skeptic when it comes to certain personnel moves. My wife says I'm like that Cleveland Indians Fan from Major League Baseball. If you remember, he's a guy who started out real positive and when the team started losing, he started riping Ricky Vaughn/Wild Thing (Charlie Sheen), demanding him to play better. Eventually, the fan came along once the team started playing better. I think that's a fair assessment of me.

So I decided to do something a little different today. I wanted to give you a positive aspect that I hardly share. You'll get to see the softer side of DoctorK; yes it exists. However, through my negative view of the team, I can bring some positivity to the situation :-)

Okay, so here we go. With all the talk about the NFL draft, who we're going to take, what position we should target, trade back, trade down, etc etc. I really sat and thought about us picking at 10, and quite honestly I came to the conclusion that we can't go wrong with the pick.

Below, I'll go through each position and give you a reason why the pick will make sense:

Let's start with the Offense.

QB- Yes, I wouldn't be upset if we drafted a QB at 10. Tannehill appears to have all the tools to be successful and quite honestly we need somebody that can take this team to another level. I'm not as enamored with Fitz as some are, but I believe him to be a functional QB. Picking Tannehills will say to me that OBD finally realizes that we need a QB of the future.

RB- Okay with this too. If Richardson is there, I wouldn't mind it one bit. All this 5 wide sets is a nuisance to me. I like running the ball and protecting your defense. I wish we were more built like the Ravens and Niners. Fred has one more year left on his contract, and has already expressed his disgust about his contract. Spiller is good, but the team doesn't trust he can handle the load. A guy like Richardson can be the real Thunder to CJ's lighting, and will be a great short yardage and redzone kind of guy.

TE- Really folks, I wouldn't get mad at TE at 10. Fleener and Allen looks like pure studs. Either one will start day one at TE, and will be an instant upgrade over Chandler. Both guys will be used between the 20's where Chandler is virtually non-existent. We saw firsthand how a dynamic TE can completely change the landscape of offenses. Pats got to the Superbowl with two dominate TE's.

OL- This is an obvious one. We can upgrade at each position on our line. LT of course is a position we could go at 10. WHOMEVER we draft at LT will be better then Bell/Hairston. Take your pick, Reiff, Martin, Glenn, Adams. Either guy will start day one. At Guard, Urbik can definitely be replaced by a guy like DeCastro and maybe we can start converting 3rd and shorts with a guy like DeCastro. Only if there was a C that was good enough to take at 10, I'll support that too. It's strange how guys are willing and able to write off Bell, but not Wood. Both of them are injury prone and should be under some heat to be replaced. I hear the argument that "when Wood is healthy, he's a pro bowl caliber C, and Bell is just marginal". It's dangerous to be so invested in one guy solely off his potential, especially if the guy can't stay heathly. It prevents you from adequately addressing the position with a quality backup. Neither guy can be depended on.

WR- Another obvious one. The Misfits, the Bad News Bills, the No Names, or whatever they want to call themselves are just serviceable guys. The act is up, it's time to upgrade and get a stud opposite of Stevie. Give me Floyd, Hill, Wright at 10 and I wouldn't mind it one bit. Whomever we draft at 10 will be starting day one.


LB- I know you all love Sheppard, I don't. Not sure what he has done to have people so enamored with him. He seems like a good kid and was serviceable last year, but I'm not sure why he's considered an automatic starter at MLB. He's a 3rd round Pick and have some limitations athletically. Yes, he's young and a good player but he's not Patrick Willis folks. Whether he's in the lineup or out, I really don't see a drop off or an advantage while he's in or out of he game. We can definitely upgrade here with a guy like Kuechly or Hightower. I wouldn't mind either one of them at 10. Both seem versatile enough to play either LB position. If we draft Kuechly, he can play MLB or WLB. Can we truly expect Barnett to get through another healthy season? I don't trust it. Hightower can play MLB or the SLB. Are we really hitching our wagons to Morrison? I don't trust it.

DE- Wouldn't mind a DE at 10 either. Merriman is a possible training camp cut due to his injuries and salary. Kelsay will be an overpaid back up LDE, so he can be cut. Drafting a Coples or Ingram can give us a Giant-Like front with a bunch of DE that can rotate and rush the passer.

DT- Yep, DT wouldn't be all that horrible either. The way I see we have nothing but dead weight after Dareus and Kyle. Yes, that includes Troup, Edwards, Heard, Johnson, and the rest of them. I wouldn't mind us drafting Cox, Brockers, or Still at 10. I like stacking talent on top of talent, not crap on top of crap (Sig worthy lol). Plus, Kyle is coming of a season ending injury, not sure how long he can hold up.

CB- Geez, we really are thin here. T McGee will be hurt again this season, Florence is a Pass interference penalty waiting to happen. McKelvin seems lost out there at times and have no ball skills. Williams got torched a lot last season and most memorable by Hartline from the Dolphins. He and Rogers are young so I'll give them a past. A stud CB will be great at 10. Whomever we draft at 10 will start right away; Kirkpatrick, Claiborne, Jenkins, Gilmore.

S- Nope, wouldn't mind this either. Byrd is our best player on Defense and my personal favorite. I really don't see him resigning with us after next season. Going back to the 4-3 D, he'll be in more cover 2 defense and it's a D he flourished in his rookie season. He'll have a probowl year this year, and will demand top flight money. Having his replacement lined up just in case will be a good idea. George Wilson is getting up there in age, and have trouble covering TE's. Athletically he's limited. We should look to upgrade there as well. Both Barron and Harrelson can play either S position and will be monsters in the run game. Wouldn't mind this pick at 10 either.

I know, I know, I know. I thought it was suppose to be a positive post. "Only Doctork44 can turn a positive post to a negative one". But in my own way I was positive. I see where we can improve our team with talent in the draft. I looked at the draft and said, "hey, it doesn't matter what happens on day 1 of the draft I'll be happy".

So it doesn't matter what happens on draft day, I GUARANTEE you we'll be a better team, now that's a positive outlook.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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