Some Pre-Draft Thoughts - Random Live Thread

Here's some things i've been thinking lately and just wanted to get them out there. You can also use this thread for a random live thread to talk about anything. I'll stop short of saying I would really rather you not talk about Tim Tebow unless it's strictly football.

1) Does anyone think that Buddy's original plan to field a 34 defense was because of how easily those players transition to a 43 at a moments notice?

It's widely known that's tougher to find players for a 34. Between the NT and OLBs (good ones) that are required it makes fielding a successful 34 difficult. So was part of Buddy's thought process that we'll start by building a 34 because if that doesn't work we can very easily switch back to the 43?

2) I think Buffalo would lean more towards a LT at 10 than WR. Here's my thought process: Buddy typically doesn't take offensive linemen that high. However, he has been building from the football out and our trenches would be pretty much complete save for depth across both lines. When was the last time that happened?

Also, Buddy has found good talent later in drafts or UDFA for WR's. Same can be said for linemen but fact is Levitre was a 2nd, Wood was a 1st, Urbik a 3rd but Pears was undrafted. I know that Buddy didn't draft any of these guys but our offensive line has more early round selections and our WR's have been pretty good with no early round selections. That could also be a reason to select a WR at 10.

Lastly on LT @ 10 - Pro Football Focus recently noted that Ryan Fitzpatrick's passer rating fell from an 89.2 to a 32.6 under pressure with 488 yards on 136 snaps with 2 TD's and 8 picks. Those are awful numbers - keeping Fitzpatrick upright and comfortable in the pocket should be priority #1 heading into this draft now that we have some bodies at DE.

3) Does anyone feel that CB could be a consideration at 10? And if so would you rather have Kirkpatrick or Gilmore?

4) I remembered being iffy on the promotion of Wannstedt after the firing of Edwards. It's not that I didn't want Edwards gone, I did, but I wasn't sure how good Wannstedt was. One things for sure is that he's already had an impact on our football team. Mario said that he was part of the reason that he wanted to come here and I believe, but could be wrong, that Anderson said something similar.

Even if he's not Bill Belichick, his notoriety has the ability to sway free agents in coming here. He can be a good successful coordinator with really good football players and if that's a deciding factor in free agents choosing Buffalo then i'm all for it. Especially if in turn it makes our defense better and him look better.

5) I'm also really, really excited to see if teams can handle our defensive line. I'm not sure how any team can block Dareus and Williams in the middle with the edge rushers we now have. Seriously, think about that for a minute. As long as they all stay healthy I don't see how this defense doesn't take a huge step next season.

Part of that is why I think a CB like Gilmore who's got good football instincts would be a good fit for us. Alas, i'm, finally, hopping on the LT @ 10 train and it's going to take a lot to get me off of it.

6) I think this is a make it or break it year for Fitzpatrick. Unless our offense gets ravaged by injuries again I don't see how Buffalo doesn't come out of this season looking for an upgrade or being happy with their decision to extend him.

7) I think the promotion of Wannstedt, our defensive line, Spiller and Jackson means that Buffalo will be in line for a MNF game this year and an early one at that.

8) I expect the playoffs this year. I don't hope or think we can do it - I expect it.

9) Is anyone but Poz sad to see D. Bell go? It's highly unlikely he returns but he was really an injury prone player that couldn't be counted on. It's almost better for our ball club to draft one early that isn't a huge injury risk. It's annoying because we develop these LT's and then let them leave but in the case of Bell I think his injury history is just too much for us to rely on.

10) Here's an interesting proposition: Considering Eric Wood's injury history would Buffalo look to trade him, slide Urbik to Center then draft DeCastro? If so what could we get for Wood?

That's pretty much it for now, I think. Again please use this for a random live thread and bring up any topics you choose to and we can have a little fun today. Better than trying to guess what some writer did in a mock draft - booooorrrriiiiiinnnnnggg!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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