Mock Draft Fever

I can not sleep and I wont lie I'm just really looking forward to the next phase of the off-season with the draft though it is a month away, which is torture. I'll try to make this 7 round Mock draft quick. The perspective is from what Nix has stated and I'll throw a personnel option in there as well. You can skip my breakdown and vote below which you feel gives us the best chance to get to those playoffs this year. I will do no trades since i don't see that happening. Only in the first couple of rounds will i give options since you dont know who will be their in the 1st and that is a premium pick.

Nix Picks:

  1. Cordy Glenn (OT/OG),
  2. Alshon Jeffery/Ruben Randle (WR)
  3. Nigel Bradham (OLB/ILB)
  4. Chase Minnifield (CB/Safety), Jake Bequette (DE)
  5. George Bryan (TE), Justin Bethel (CB/FS/SS)
  6. Levy Adcock (OT/OG) OSU.
  7. Miles Burris (OLB/ILB) San Diego State/ Aaron Corp (QB) Richmond

My Picks:

  1. Michael Floyd (WR)
  2. Zebrie Sanders (OT) FSU.
  3. Trumaine Johnson (CB/Safety) Montana
  4. Keenan Robinson(OLB/ILB) Texas/ Nate Potter(OT) Boise State
  5. Bryan(TE)/Emmanuel Acho(OLB/ILB).
  6. Akiem Hicks (DT) Regina
  7. Miles Burris/ Darius Flemming (OLB/DE) Notre Dame

1st Round (10):

Nix Pick: Cordy Glenn (OT/OG) Georgia, kid is most impressive offensive linemen besides Kahil, and DeCastro. He can play both their positions well. At 345 one of the heaviest O-linemen he ran under 5 in the 40 and has 36 inch arms. He plays with grit too. He makes it so you can't miss. He can play somewhere on the line and do it well.

My Pick: Michael Floyd/Stephon Gilmore: Floyd i placed on here because he is the only Receiver with Size, Speed and resume to back it up. He may be gone though. Our QB Fitz loves the 50/50 throw and he is a guy that makes that 50/50 ball his no matter what.

Gilmore is an elite talent as well. He has started many games in the SEC i believe 40 in 3 years. Has Size, Speed and is a leader he knows everyone's duties on the field. That is the kind of defensive player we select i.e Dareus, Sheppard, Byrd they make sure they known everything about everyone on the unit.

2nd Round:

Nix Pick: Alshon Jeffery/Ruben Randle (WR) USC/LSU, which ever receiver is available. Both Big Physical targets that played in the SEC. Each have decent speed and have the ability to come down with the football in the air. Jeffery's pro day is on Wednesday 28th of March. Watch out for him. He answered the questions about his weight. His stats are impressive considering he was thrown to less than half of what Floyd, Blackmon or Wright ever were targeted. He was in a run first offense. Alshon is very good at leaving the cushion on the deep route for Qbs using his great size and length/hands to his advantage. Both played against Jenkins, Gilmore, Claiborne, Kirkpatrick in their careers.

My Pick: Zebrie Sanders (OT) FSU. He has great feet and he can add bulk to his frame. Since I went playmaking corner or wr with my 1st pick. We need a decent LT prospect and I think with some bulk Sanders has the ability to compete for the starting job at LT. He also played RT. 6-6 320 he is in the range of size we like at LT.

3rd Round:

Nix Pick: Nigel Bradham (OLB/ILB) FSU: He was a leader on the Seminoles defense. A senior who can do it all at the linebacker position. He can drop into coverage, Rush the passer and make tackles. He is a hard yet controlled hitter and he has Size and Speed:

My Pick: Trumaine Johnson (CB/Safety) Montana. This is if we get Floyd. I like Johnson's size at 6-2 200 pounds. He can switch to saftey and gives us depth at Cornerback. I just like his story. Though I have no problem with OLB in Bradham, or Demario Davis or another CB like Omar Bolden.

4th Round (A & B):

Nix Pick: Chase Minnifield (CB/Safety),Virginia/ Jake Bequette(DE), Arkansas: I think Chase falls down some boards with Knee Surgery and not having impressive 40 time. His dad was a pro-bowl caliber CB Frank Minnifield. He pulled in 13 INTs 151 tackles in his career. He would give us great insurance in case we can't resign Jarius Byrd. Even if we do re-sign Byrd he gives us CB depth.

Jake Bequette is a DE that has a high motor and loves to get after the quarterback. He has great size at 6-5 274. I think he could replace Kelsey who i love but he isn't cheap nor is he young. He played in the SEC and had steady stats through his career.

My Pick: Keenan Robinson(OLB/ILB) Texas/ Nate Potter(OT) Boise State: I like Robinson's versatility in position and skill set. He has the size to cover big TEs and ability to rush the passer he can play all the linebacker positions and went to a great program in Texas.

Nate Potter he gives us depth at OT. Joining Zebrie. He needs to add more weight but has the frame and

athletic ability to develop in a year or so into a formidable Offensive Tackle giving us three solid options.

5th Round (A&B):

Nix Pick: George Bryan (TE) NC State/ Justin Bethel (CB/FS/SS/KR/ST) Presbyterian. Bryan is out of the ACC 2 time 1st team All ACC and 2nd team ACC last season. He can catch and has the size and strength to block which the Bills look for at 6-5 265.

Bethel comes from a small school but is not small himself at 6-0 200 pounds. He is versatile back field player. Could be a surprise like Justin Rogers and will earn his value on special teams and whatever backfield position gets him on the field. Here is an interview and highlights of the kid :!

My Pick: For me the Best OLB and TE prospects available.So Bryan/Emmanuel Acho. Bryan i explained above. Acho i like pairing him with his teammate and his brother isn't so bad. I'm not sure about Moats, and Batten being able to really transition to linebacker duties.

6th Round:

Nix Pick: Levy Adcock (OT/OG) OSU. Gives us more depth on the Offensive Line and he can develop for a year. He has the size we need and comes from a competitive program. Great Value this late in the draft.

My Pick: Akiem Hicks (DT) Regina. This guy was suppose to transfer to LSU but LSU lost its scholarship so Hicks suffered for it. He is huge at 6-5 318 and can gain some weight. He has promise and could allow future flexibility from Troupe, and Carrington two young DTs that have shown little to us. Hicks can develop in Training Camp and Practice squad allowing us to cut ties with Veterans down the line in Spencer Johnson, Dwan Edwards. Here is more on this guy:

7th Round (A&B):

Nix Pick: Miles Burris (OLB/ILB) San Diego State/ Aaron Corp (QB) Richmond. Burris is just nasty players they play with heart and are mean. He tackles well and have high motors and pursuit. I really am not confident in the depth at Linebacker this takes that weakness and makes it into a strength adding two competitive guys. If anything one or both can be played on the Practice Squad but both can contribute on special teams.

Aaron Corp won the starting job at USC had some injury issues but came back from them. Has a strong arm great footwork. We know how the Bills Love Richmond. He is 6-4 215. He will be 3rd string qb that could bring some promise.!

My pick: Miles Burris/ Darius Flemming (OLB/DE) Notre Dame. Here is Burris's case. .

As for Frederick he seems like a do it all type of corner can defend the pass and blitz, speed to rush the passer and help in run defense.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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