Morning Joe! How CJ and Fred may be Utilized

Good morning Bills Fans,

Happy Hump Day!

Like most nights; last night I laid in bed and thought about the Bills and the upcoming season. Of course, one of the things I was thinking about was how Chan and the Offensive Coaches were going to use CJ and Fred. I know many of us have thought about this and even though it's a great problem to have (2 good RB's that deserves to play), it's still worrisome because last year we didn't show that both RB's can coexist.

Now I'm no offensive mastermind or anything like that, but I do have great logic and perspective when it comes to certain things. One of them is looking at a series of events and predicting a possible outcome.

So last night I came across something, that I don't think I've heard mentioned on this site. It's something that might be the answer to one of the biggest offseason conundrums; "how to utilize by CJ and Fred"?

Okay, so what do we know? Both guys needs to be on the field at the same time (PERIOD) and both guys need to have the ball in their hands as much as possible.

What has already been done? CJ lining up at WR while Fred gets the bulk of the carries. This method hasn't been all that effective, as I believe CJ is more dangerous out of the backfield then out at WR (In my opinion).

What has been discussed? Lining up in some pro-form (Madden reference) type offense, with both Fred and CJ in the backfield and one of them (mainly Fred) lead blocking for the other.

What haven't been discussed? Okay, so this is what I came up with last night and let me explain how this might be incredibly effective. This offseason the Bills bought in QB Coach David Lee. Prior to joining the Bills, Lee was the Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback coach at Mississippi, and before that he was the Dolphins QB Coach during the 2008-2010. Lee (not Sparano) was credited with reintroducing and transforming the Wildcat offense with the Dolphins. Many (including myself) thought that his hiring was to help Brad Smith in the Wildcat offense. But none of us (not to my knowledge) actually thought that his hiring may have something to do with Fred Jackson and CJ in the Wildcat. As we all know, the Wildcat was the most effective with two RB's; not a QB and a RB. The ability of Ronnie Brown to handle the ball and make the perfect reads is what made it most effective.

If some of you can remember, we had our own version of the Wildcat before Brad Smith got here, and quite honestly is was quite effective. Fred was the lead back and Marshawn was the Option back in that version, and actually threw a TD to Lee Evans.

Now lets bring back some perspective to the discussion. Many of us aren't much fans of the Wildcat; understandably so. But lets look at this from game a planning standpoint. Defensive adjustments and calls are mainly predicated on the offensive personnel on the field, correct? The offensive personnel, down and distance, signals to the defense what coverage and substitutions to make.

Okay, so our base formation is 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 RB, 1 QB, and 5 OL, right? This formation can be a pass formation, a run formation, or Wildcat formation, with CJ being the Wildcard. CJ presence at RB or WR, won't signal the defense on what we're doing. A defense see's the formation and depending on down and distance, will bring in the Nickle DB, making it easier for us to call a run play or the Wildcat. In this same formation, the Defense may keep the extra LB on the field, leaving CJ 1-on-1 with a LB, which a match up we will take all day.

Folks, simply running the Wildcat with Fred and CJ, it allows both guys the opportunity to be in the backfield at the same time and give them both an opportunity to run the ball. With CJ as the Option Back, he'll see more sweeps and off-tackle run plays. Chan and crew can run this group on the field every down, and depending on the personnel that's on Defense, Fitz can check in to the appropriate play. Last year our offense was successful because we took advantage of match ups, this is no different.

So did I figure out Megamind's diabolical plan or am I way off base? Thoughts.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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