Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 3/29

March 27, 2012; Palm Beach, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey (left) talks with a reporter during the AFC head coaches media breakfast at the Breakers Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Inside The Bills | Mario likely, but not locked in LDE
"Nothing is set in concrete about who is going to play where," Gailey said. "We’re going to look at a lot of different scenarios there and put guys in position to be the most successful they can be. It may be him. He feels comfortable and works a lot better off the left side. If he is it’s not like we’re bad on the other side. And a right-handed quarterback if he has to scramble is going to scramble to our left side and that’s now more difficult with him there."

Bills coach Chan Gailey on Mario, Fred vs CJ, Nick - Canoe.ca
Chan Gailey's complete Q&A from the NFL's Owner Meetings.

Williams & Anderson reminders of '95 pass rush? - BuffaloBills.com
In 1994, Buffalo had the third-lowest sacks in the league with 25 despite Bruce Smith's 10. In 1995, after adding Bryce Paup and Ted Washington, the Bills almost doubled their sack total to 49. Phil Hansen discusses having a whole group that can get after the quarterback.

Rex takes a shot at Schottenheimer over the Wildcat | ProFootballTalk
"I told the team there’s only one coordinator that can stop the Wildcat with Brad Smith back there, and... it’s Brian Schottenheimer," Ryan told the New York Post. "I used to kid Brian all the time about it."

Inside The Bills | Fred addresses age issue
"I don’t feel any older at all," Jackson said. "They say 30 is the threshold for running backs, and I felt like I had a pretty good season going (at 30) until I got hurt. So I don’t buy into that, there’s a lot of guys that don’t buy into that. It’s just kind of a number that they throw out there. It doesn’t bother me. If anything, it motivates me."

Playoff OT Rules Applied To Reg. Season; Bills Proposal Doesn't Pass - WGR 550
Joe Buscaglia goes over the rule changes from the league meetings.

Bills propose that the official in the booth makes the call on replays | Shutdown Corner
"There's no downside to doing things Chan's way. The guy upstairs can get started looking at the replays faster. It's his only responsibility. There's no reason he shouldn't be on top of everything, and already looking at replays of things before they're even challenged."

'Gronk,' Revis advance in 'Madden' tourney - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Stevie Johnson lost his match to Darelle Revis in the race for Madden cover boy. Stevie won on the field in 2011.

A lot to be proud of in our sports world | Democrat and Chronicle
"The Buffalo Bills actually have a pulse after signing defensive stalwarts Mario Williams and Mark Anderson this month."

Buffalo Bills Q and A with Buffalowdown: NFL Draft Preview - NFL Mocks
"It’s that time of year where there is a clear picture of what teams will need for the 2012 NFL season. We’ll be conducting interviews with Experts that cover other teams to give you, the reader, a more comprehensive look of teams you might not follow. Today will chat with Buffalowdown editor Brad Andrews."

Go ahead. Get Excited about the Bills | BuffaloWins
"It’s alright. I know your heart is telling you it’s too soon to fall again, but it’s ok. There’s reason to get excited, to believe. You’ve been hurt before, but this time, it really is different. We’ve truly never seen anything like this. So it’s ok to already be excited for the Bills’ season to start."

Count me in with Buffalo | BuffaloWins
"Even if these two new rich Buffalonians turn out to be duds, the impression has been made. When it counted, he did what he could to make his team viable again – to give his fans something to believe in. He may be all that is wrong with sports but, at least for one year, he’s all that is right with Buffalo."

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