Draft Season is BS Season v3

This is my third and final mock for the season. A lot has happened since I first posted one back on December 5th (my second one's right here), and it has changed accordingly.

1) Stephon Gilmore (CB, South Carolina) 6'0 190lbs

I've had names swimming in my head for some time as to who I want the Bills to take here, and I finally settled in on Gilmore. He slightly edges out Kirkpatrick because he has better ball skills, quicker feet, looser hips, and no apparent character concerns. Gilmore's been largely overlooked during the pre-draft hypefest, but I think he's actually a big time cornerback talent.

2) Bobby Massie (OT, Ole Miss) 6'6 316lbs

We all agree that offensive tackle has become a big priority for the Bills. What we don't agree on is which tackles in this draft can actually play. I'd take Massie before any of Reiff, Martin, or Adams in a nanosecond. He's big, he's strong, he's physical, and he's coordinated. Against LSU I watched him handle the speed of guys like Mingo and Mongtomery with no issue, only to blow Brockers off the line later. I've seen a lot of Brockers and I didn't see him get buried into the turf very often, but Massie accomplished just that. He can compete with Hairston right now for the starting gig, and I'd bet he can win it before long.

3) Joe Adams (WR, Arkansas) 5'10 174lbs

4a) Demario Davis (LB, Arkansas St.) 6'3 230lbs

Picks taken from my second mock. Adams replaces Roscoe Parrish with his playmaking ability as both a receiver and punt returner. Having him slip to the third is something of a stretch but it could happen, especially if Devon Wylie hears his name called before Adams does.

I don't think there's a single player in this draft I want to become a Bill more than Davis. He plays like a man possessed, and absolutely lays people out when he gets the chance.

4b) Mike Harris (CB, FSU) 5'10 188 lbs

Pick taken from my first mock, except he's bumped up two full rounds. Harris is a versatile corner who can really tackle the football. If not for Gred Reed and Xavier Rhodes, Mike Harris would be a much hotter name heading into the draft.

5a) BJ Coleman (QB, UT-Chattanooga) 6'3 233lbs

Developmental QB. Coleman was originally a Tennessee recruit, but left right around the time the Lane Kiffin debacle got started there. He's raw in his footwork and going through progressions, but he has a good feel in the pocket, can sling the ball accurately at all levels of the field, and supposedly has excellent intangibles. I'm perfectly happy with the Bills making him their developmental QB to see what kind of progress he can make while holding a clip board.

5b) Miles Burris (LB, San Diego St.) 6'2 246lbs

Burris plays football at a million miles an hour and is an all around good player. He's big, fast, and instinctive. He can provide solid depth for each linebacker spot and has the makings of a special teams ace.

6) James Carmon (OT, Mississippi St.) 6'5 316lbs

Big developmental tackle. Very raw and very inexperienced, Carmon is a JUCO transfer who played defense for Mississippi St. before switching to offensive tackle in his senior year. Has all the athleticism and strength you could want, but will need time before he's NFL ready. Bills can bring him in to take Sam Young's roster spot as Carmon represents significantly higher upside in time.

7a) Jarrett Boykin (WR, Virginia Tech) 6'2 217lbs

Boykin's a guy who I think would have an outside shot at making Buffalo's roster out of camp. If he had gone to a more pass happy school, I feel his production could have been much higher. Not very fast, but he's a good blocker with strong hands to bring passes down in traffic. I don't see Boykin as having much upside, but he's a player who can contribute to an NFL offense.

7b) Cyhl Quarles (S, Wake Forest) 6'1 213lbs

Someone to at least challenge Nesbitt for a depth spot at safety. Quarles has the size and plays just fast enough for the NFL I think. His tackling in run support is excellent, but if he wants to make it in the pros he'll need to become better in the deep half. His instincts and playmaking ability back there currently leave a lot to be desired.

For what it's worth, here's some guys that may go undrafted that I like for the Bills:

Delano Johnson (LB, Bowie St.), Chris Greenwood (CB, Albion), Lance Lewis (WR, ECU), Tiree Eure (TE, Minnesota), Jamaar Jarrett (DE, ASU)

Questions/comments? I spent a lot of time nit-picking other people's mocks on this site. If I've done so to you, here's your last chance this year to properly get back at me.

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