Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft: Round 1 Order

OK, folks. We received a ton of interest for the first annual Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock Draft, and for now, we've filled up our picking order for Round 1. Fear not: our plan is to get through this quickly (i.e. four picks a day), and if we're successful, we'll go ahead and do Round 2, as well, which will allow for some of you that didn't get picked to make a selection at some point.

After the jump, the Round 1 order is listed along with the team's "GM" and the date that the pick is due. IF YOU ARE A GM: you can make picks one of two ways. One: simply keep track of the front page on your given day and send in a pick when you're on the clock. Two: if you're busy the day your pick is due, send a board of 2-4 players to buffalorumblings@gmail.com and, if you're unavailable to make your pick, we'll default to the top guy on your board for the pick, then wait for your explanation later.

Got it? Good. Best of luck to all the GMs!

# - Team Team GM Pick Due
1 - Indianapolis Colts jesterz21c Mon 4/2
2 - Washington Redskins Southern Bill Mon 4/2
3 - Minnesota Vikings CanadianBillsFan Mon 4/2
4 - Cleveland Browns billsoferie Mon 4/2
5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers ausbillsfan Tue 4/3
6 - St. Louis Rams Fernando brazil Tue 4/3
7 - Jacksonville Jaguars silverstreak3k Tue 4/3
8 - Miami Dolphins HardBeingABillsFan Tue 4/3
9 - Carolina Panthers fansince60 Wed 4/4
10 - Buffalo Bills J2 Wed 4/4
11 - Kansas City Chiefs Fanntastic Wed 4/4
12 - Seattle Seahawks Gpluehri Wed 4/4
13 - Arizona Cardinals BuffaloBlueBlood Thu 4/5
14 - Dallas Cowboys driscode7 Thu 4/5
15 - Philadelphia Eagles MarinoTheBill Thu 4/5
16 - New York Jets kfisk214 Thu 4/5
17 - Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bird Fri 4/6
18 - San Diego Chargers BillsFanSanDiego619 Fri 4/6
19 - Chicago Bears buzzin Fri 4/6
20 - Tennessee Titans billsfan0240 Fri 4/6
21 - Cincinnati Bengals DanRoc Mon 4/9
22 - Cleveland Browns MynameisnotMike Mon 4/9
23 - Detroit Lions ALLaBorde Mon 4/9
24 - Pittsburgh Steelers JDSym Mon 4/9
25 - Denver Broncos TrufflePig Tue 4/10
26 - Houston Texans NJames Tue 4/10
27 - New England Patriots NoiseIsTheBestRevenge Tue 4/10
28 - Green Bay Packers sellison Tue 4/10
29 - Baltimore Ravens matthew62 Wed 4/11
30 - San Francisco 49ers y2bianchi Wed 4/11
31 - New England Patriots suteck Wed 4/11
32 - New York Giants Hybrid1486 Wed 4/11

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