My predictions for FA and the draft

Now that Free Agency is upon us, I feel it's the right time to talk about my predictions as it pertains to Free Agency as well as the draft. With the Combine in the books and the recent interviews by both Chan Gailey as well as Buddy Nix, I feel confident that I can predict what will happen in the up coming weeks.

The most recent interviews with Buddy were quite interesting. He gave us a lot of insight into the potential direction we might be going in the very near future. Buddy is a straight shooter. He doesn't play games. He either answers the question or doesn't. If he feels that he might divulge important information he simply refuses to comment. He does not play games and certainly has never played the smoke and mirrors game and I doubt he will start at 72 years of age, he's an old monkey and he isn't going to learn new tricks.

Before all these interviews I was quite convinced that he would target Vincent Jackson in FA but I have now changed my tune a bit.

At the Combine I think the biggest revelation is the fact that Buddy considered the top DEs to be a stretch because they are not perfect physical fits for a top 10 pick whereas he feels that the 2012 draft class is quite deep in rounds 2-5, so I don't expect a DE to be out #10th pick.

When asked if we'd consider trading up - NO. The answer was crystal clear. He would however consider trading down.

I clearly get the feeling they really want Stevie back and I believe that they are ready to use the franchise tag if it gets to that.

The most revealing interview occurred last week with WGR and he admitted that unlike previous years where they typically don't get involved early in FA, this year they will! They want to get a playmaker! A difference maker!

Our Cap situation is great, we can also roll-over last year's un-used portion.

I think we are going to end up tagging Stevie Johnson and getting a deal worked out before the season. I think we are going to lose d.Bell in Free Agency because someone will be crazy enough to give the guy big money without taking the injury problems. Simply put: You can't pay big money to a guy that you can't count on.

Free Agency Predictions:

80% chance that the Bills will sign Mario Williams or Cliff Avril.

50% chance that we go after Jared Gaither or Khalif Barnes

50% chance that we pursue a guy like Martellus Bennett, who is overshadowed in Dallas.

Draft Predictions (Round1):

If Richardson is still there when we pick, I think there's a 75% chance that we find a trade partner to trade down, most probable would be Cincinnati moving up from #17.

In a trade-down scenario (around pick 17) I see

75% chance we draft Jonathan Martin or Mark Barron or Janoris Jenkins or David DeCastro

50% that Mercilus is in play

Otherwise if we stay put at #10 then

75% chance that we draft Michael Floyd or

60% chance we take DeCastro

50% chance that we draft Luke Kuechly, who is such a great instinctive player that I think could play OLB

50% chance we take Melvin Ingram

50% chance we take Courtney Upshaw

50% chance we take Coples

40% chance we take Tannehill

Rounds 2-5

Pass rushers (DE/OLB)

Vinny Curry, Shea Mcclellin, Chandler Jones, Jake Bequette, Cordaro Law

There you go Rumblers, call me crazy but those are my predictions!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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