The Annual Mancrush

We all remember our first.

Back in 2003 and 2004, I was a high school senior who would soon witness the Bills thump the Patriots 31-0 on opening day, only to fall 31-0 in week 17.

I remember turning on the television one evening after my homework was complete to find TCU beating up on some green team. The green team just would not go quietly, though. QB #7 willed his team to first down after first down, despite penalties, dropped balls, and frankly, a superior TCU defense. Near the goal line, #7 threw a laser to his TE for a touchdown. It was called back on offensive pass interference. The next pass glanced off of his WR's hands. 3rd down. He dropped, looked, looked and then ducked his head and ran for the end zone. He squeezed between two defenders and pushed his way into the end zone. TD.

After the score, QB #7 eagerly watched the green defense struggle with TCU. It still looked bad but they were out there fighting. The ESPN sideline camera approached him, soliciting his reaction and his feelings on the game. He looked directly into the camera - thanked his teammates, cheered his defense, and said: "You've got to believe in miracles, baby!"

Although the green team fell to TCU, 38-35, I had my first real man-crush: JP Losman. I told myself, I like that guy, I hope he does well. I'll root for him even if he goes to Dallas. It'll be fun to see how he does. Good arm, good dude.

While we all know how that story turned out, I was never more elated on draft day than when JP Losman was selected 22nd overall by the Buffalo Bills. I will defend JP until the world ends and no one in this forum can speak ill of his character or his deep ball. :)

It wasn't easy, but I have moved on. Though I will likely always remember that first. Man-crushes are not based on best fit or combine results. Its about the dude.

So, I, like many of you, tend to have an annual man-crush around this time of year. This year it is Kirk Cousins. He is a pretty good pro-style QB who is incredibly bright and in a few years people will say that Tim Tebow is Cousins-esque on character and intangibles. I'm not saying he'll be an amazing starting QB in the NFL, just that I think he's the freaking man and may have a sligghhtly emotional reaction if he winds up in a Bills uni.

But I want to put to you all - Do you have a man-crush this year? Who? AND/OR Who was your first, your greatest, or your funniest man-crush?!


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