Prospects: Cornerbacks

Hey guys the next thing on the Bills need list is a corner. Williams could be a great number 2 and might develop into a number one down the road. But seeing we have Drayton Florence as our number 1..... well... anyways the depth behind Williams isn't that outstanding. We have Mcgee who's our number one when he's healthy, Florence who is our number one when Mcgee is injured, Mckelvin who obviously needs to know what a football looks like and how to bat it down, and Rogers who I like but isn't a number 1. Maybe these guys could be our number 1?

1. Morris Claiborne 5-11 188: Came into LSU as a wide receiver so he knows the position well and what opponents are trying to do to him. Has strong man coverage skills but can get lazy while backpedaling or starts backpedaling to high. Not really used in zone coverage but he is solid here to. Sometimes has trouble getting his head around to the ball but plays the man so well it doesn't really matter. Great ball skills. He's a better coverage man than former team mate Patrick Peterson. Has to be more aware of giving up containment on run defense but otherwise sheds blocks easily and can hit hard. Lack of wrapping up the runner can lead to broken tackles but that can be fixed. Can be of help in the return game as well. He's a star, still needs to learn the position but he has the talent to be the next Revis. Unless we trade up we wont be able to get him though. He's a top five pick, solid.

2. Dre Kirpatrick 6-2 186: Just how we like our corners, big and fluid. Is strong in man coverage, but can be a little over aggressive on the press which will lead to him being beat off the LOS. Does a good job baiting quarterbacks in zone but was hardly used there. Gambles to much and will go for the big play instead of making the tackle. Needs more mental discipline! Overruns plays to much. Very aggressive playing the run but needs to set his feet before tackling as that will lead to broken tackles by the 'back. Is a great tackler. Plays with great effort and is known to have a strong work ethic. Was involed in a marijuana incident but all charges were cleared. Could be the next Antonio Cromartie. He's a top 20 pick.

3. Alfonzo Dennard 5-10 204: Very very physical player. Not the greatest man player as his lack of deep speed could hurt him when he goes one on one with NFL deep threats. Can get flagged at times for grabbing and holding but it shouldn't be surprising because of his aggressive style of play. Could be a great player in zone coverage. Stands up to straight when back pedaling though so that might lead to him being tricked when a receiver runs a short route. He has great ball skills and routinely makes acrobatic interceptions. Good effort in run defense but could be held back from the play by larger receivers. Very solid tackler and does a nice job setting the edge. Has small injury problems but nothing big that might hold him back from being a good corner. He's a late first round pick for me.

4. Janoris Jenkins 5-10 193: Has great read and react skills plus ball skills. Great physical player on man coverage. Has a very low backpedal. Good awareness in zone and could be great in this area also. Great closing and recovery speed. Very underrated in run defense. Even with his small frame he can still attack and successively bring down the ball carrier even though he needs work on his technique. Missed only one game in career to injury. Horrible intangibles. Was arrested twice in the span of four months for Mary j. Also arrested in 2009 for being in a fight which resulted in him getting tazed. Played for Florida but was kicked off the team for his character problems. Ended up in North Alabama even there he had problems. threw a punch at a player and was ejected for a game. He's a top 10 talent and very well could be the number 2 corner on this list if he hadn't had these problems.

5. Stephan Gilmore 6-0 190: Not elite in man coverage, but will play there if needed. Lacks great speed, and if he gets drafted into a man coverage scheme he could get moved to safety. Perfect for the zone system, has everything you look for in a zone coverage corner. Has good ball skills but when he catches the INT he dances around to much which will result in a loss of yards. Great run support guy but I feel he wont be as good in the NFL then in college because of his slight frame. Great tackler and is an aggressive player in the backfield. Might get run over more often then in college because of his frame though. Quiet, hard worker, and great team mate. No issues about work ethic or other intangibles. He can be a early second round selection.

Comment below on who you think the Bills should pick and in what round!

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