My Trade Back Mock

With the needs the Bills have specifically OT and WR, I just don't think we are gonna get good value for our pick at #10 .... I am not a big fan of Reiff and I have my doubts if Floyd will even make it to our pick .... I would be okay with Floyd at 10 if we do stay put and make the pick ..... but with my mock I am looking at the Bills trading back about 5 to 10 picks so they get better value for their pick and can pick up an extra pick along the way ..... Now in order to find a partner to trade back I think the Bills really need to hope an unexpected guy falls out of the top ten so here is how I am hoping the top 10 plays out:

Indy - Luck

Wash - RGIII

Minny - Kalil

Cleve - Tannehill

TB - Claiborne

STL - Blackmon

Jack - Coples

Miami - Floyd

Carolina - Poe

Buffalo -

So at this point the BPA clearly is Trent Richardson and I think this is a guy that you can find a team willing to trade up to grab .... I am gonna imagine a team like Cincy who has some extra picks early on sends us the #17 and #53 picks in exchange for #10 so they can draft Richardson ...

The Bills now in much better position to get good value for the needs has the draft play out like this:

Round 1 - Cordy Glenn OT I am a big fan of Glenn. I know a lot of ppl say he is a guard or a RT but I see him as a LT who is going to get better with more time on the job. When I watch him, he reminds me of Jason Peters. Yeah he may struggle a bit early on but with his size and athleticism I think he can become a dominant LT at the next level

Round 2A - Alshon Jeffrey WR the next important position is to add another weapon at WR. I like Jeffry or Randle at this point. I think Randle will probably be gone by #42 so I will go with Jeffrey who still has some lingering questions about work ethic and his ability to separate. Jeffrey skills tho I think complement Stevie well and he fits Nix's description of a guy who is uncovered even when he is covered. He certainly isn't Calvin Johnson but his ability to go up and get the ball amongst a crowd reminds me of him

Round 2B - Dwayne Allen TE the extra pick we get for moving down in the first. Maybe a bit of a luxury pick but I love the idea of getting a big athletic TE to give other teams match up problems. Allen reminds me some of Jermichael Finley from GB. He runs good routes, has decent speed, catches well, and even blocks well. If he would have been used more at Clemson, I think he would have been a surefire first round pick

Round 3 - Nigel Bradham OLB the next two most important positions our LB and CB depth. Bradham reminds me a little bit of Sheppard last year. A physical LB with good instincts and leadership qualities. I also like his ability in coverage. He looked good at the senior bowl. All over the field. I think he would be the SOLB over Morrison by mid season.

Round 4A - Dequan Menzie CB Nix loves to add big physical CBs and facing Brady twice a year the more the merrier. Menzie comes from a good system at Alabama and a good coach in Nick Saban. He plays physical, will support in the run, and is a good blitzer. He would earn time in dime and nickel packages from day one.

Round 4B - Russell Wilson QB I expect the Bills to take a mid round QB and everyone has a different guy they like. For me its Wilson. I love his athleticism and ability to make plays despite his less than ideal size. Will he turn into a starter down the road? I don't know but I would expect at the very least he will beat out Thigpen and give us a quality backup. Think Seneca Wallace type at worst.

Round 5A - Tank Carder OLB I fully expect the Bills to take two LB prospects. With the switch to the 4-3, we are woefully thin at the LB position. Carder displayed good speed at 4.5 and has good instincts. I think he would provide good depth at both inside and outside LB and contribute on special teams early on

Round 5B - Andrew Datko OT Listening to Buddy Nix, it seems pretty clear they plan on taking two OTs early on. One who can start immediately and one as more of a developmental pick. Datko would be a nice depth tackle and good value in the 5th round.

Round 6 - Quentin Saulsberry C I think it was evident last year after Wood went down that we need to bring in some center depth. Guys who have experience playing center and snapping the ball. Saulsberry played well in the SEC and would give us good depth on the interior of our line.

Round 7A - Robert Blanton CB Another bigger physical CB to throw into the mix and provide some competition

Round 7B - Keshawn Martin WR a playmaker for Mich St. Martin is a guy who would come in and compete for time as a slot WR

So there it is folks... All in all I added 11 players... 2 OT's 2 OLBs 2 WRs 2 CBs 1 TE 1 QB 1C


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