Mocking the draft! First 3 rounds

Hello Buffalorumblings! Myself and atlantalove were Buffalos representatives in the most recent version of Mock the Draft! A community run and picked mock draft. Rounds 1 & 2 were chosen tonight, other rounds will be chosen this weekend. So how would the draft go if chosen by the fans?

Well, I can assure you that it was bedlam. Trades were flying and unusual picks were popping up everywhere.

May i remind everyone that its not a "think like Buddy Nix" draft. Its a "what do you do when youre on the clock?" draft. These picks dont represent what was ideal for us, but rather what fell to us in a real time draft

So what did your representatives do with their evening?

With the 10th overall pick, the Buffalo Bills selected:

OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford

The most peculiar thing happened. WR Justin Blackmon wasnt selected when our pick came along. And yet, I couldnt take him. Ive thought for a while that his talent exceeded his hype and the community agreed with me as he fell to 15th. In my opinion it was the right choice because Jonathan Martin is the prototypical starting LT. Hes the perfect size, weight and has been described as having excellent fundamentals. I couldnt pass on him considering how thin this team is at tackle. Hairston is good, but Im not sold on him being a starting LT. We need someone to cover the blind side and Martin is that guy

With the 41st overall pick, the Buffalo Bills selected:

QB Brock Osweiller, Arizona State

This was sort of a bottom of the barrel pick. I tried twice to trade into the 1st round or early second for other players and failed miserably every time. However it wasnt an all is lost pick, Osweiller could have been a first round pick. His downfall is his confidence. He needs to start strong to keep going. However he has all the abilities and is regarded as a natural leader on the field. Exactly what you look for in a starting QB

Remaining needs, CB LB, WR

Remaining picks #71, 105, 124, 144, 147, 178, 217 and 251.

Wish me luck on day 2!

Day 2 Has begun!

Its been a busy morning for me as I try to negotiate my way out of this paper bag. You see, Im not good with late round picks. Im only versed on the first 3 rounds and dont have a giant scouting department to help me. So I decided to hedge my bets and target 2 specific players in the third round. No real GM would pull what I did, especially for 2 third round picks, but I did, so heres my summary of day 2...err the third round

TRADE. Buffalo sent picks #71 and 147 to the Giants(from Minnesota) for the 66th pick.

With the 66th overall pick, the Buffalo Bills selected:

WR Brian Quick, Appalachian State

Quick has the size to go up for any ball thrown to him. He is the big receiver we need. Despite not being AS fast as others, he can use his size to make up for it and become a serious downfield and redzone threat. Something that we have been missing for a while. I like Quick. He reminds me of TO without the attitude, a big guy that makes plays with both size and speed.

TRADE. Buffalo sent picks #105, 124, 144 and 217 to the Jets for pick #77

With the 77th overall pick, the Buffalo Bills selected:

CB Trumaine Johnson, Montana

I looked at a lot of CBs going into this. And I tried to unsuccessfully trade up for a few of them in the late second to no luck. But Im happy with my pick in Johnson. In fact, I went out of my way to get him. Johnson is a tall fast cover corner. A lot like Patrick Peterson last year. Hes able to cover fast and tall receivers one on one which is a rarer treat for CBs. Hes a sure tackler and can do a lot of damage in the redzone with his size. His downsides are small. Some knock him for playing in a weaker conference, but he all out dominated it. His one technical flaw is in the run game. Hes not great at sheddng run blocks on the outside, but Buffalo has 3 CBs that do this quite well. We needed a shutdown corner and a lot say that Johnson could be the next great one. Plus hes a projected second rounder, and thus I feel good about my decision to move up for him.

Buffalo has one 7th round pick remaining


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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