dock mraft

I really hope a team like cincy or philly will trade up with us. I think with the Bengals in a win-now mode with the steelers re-building, they will make a push to win the division. And they already have another 1st rounder, so i'm hoping we can work out a trade with them. Here is my mock!

Round 1 (#17 from cincy) Cordy Glenn OT - Fills arguably the biggest need on the bills while also providing depth at tackle and guard. He is HUGE and nix definitely takes that into grading o-lineman. I think the value for offensive tackles is a lot better here at #17.

Round 2 Janoris Jenkins CB - Yeah, that's right. If he falls to #41 this is a no-brainer. Character concerns and 4 children are an issue but I think our veteran leadership on defense will keep him in line. The kid has top-10 talent and in the interviews it looked like he learned from mistakes and wanted a fresh start in the NFL.

Round 2 (#53 from cincy) Bobby Wagner OLB - I haven't watched too much of Wagner but he looks like he can ball. Has the size and strength to play the SAM position and still has the speed to cover sideline to sideline. I think he is an immediate upgrade over Morrison.

Round 3 Juron Criner WR - Great size at 6-3 and 224 lbs. Even with that size he still manages to get seperation, thanks in part to his great route-running. Can also get those jump balls that fitz tends to throw. I know everyone likes Quick so he is an option here too.

Round 4 Cam Johnson DE - Would be a steal if he is still here at this pick. Would be a awesome addition to the DE rotation and would one day start opposite Mario.

Round 4 Sean Spence OLB - Loved watching this kid play at the U. He is undersized and limited to the WLB position but that is fine since we need depth behind Barnett and another cover-linebacker for nickel sets. He would also be a great contributor on special teams.

Round 5 Russell Wilson QB - There you go Rumblers. What is a Bills mock draft without Wilson...

Round 5 Trenton Robinson FS - Still one of my favorite late-round players. He is a complete player and gives the Bills insurance if Byrd were to go down.

Round 6 TJ Graham WR - Very quick and has the makings of a productive slot receiver. Can also return punts pretty darn well.

Round 7 Josh Chichester TE - Totally worth a flier in the 7th. If he could put more weight on, he could have a bright future.

Round 7 Charles Brown CB - Thickly-built corner out of UNC. Like Buddy says, "You can never have too many corners"

How do you like it Rumblers?

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