My Stab at a Mock Draft

I, like many of you, am an avid fan of the draft, but despite my many hours of work "studying" I have been mostly unsuccessful in predicting the draft in past years. This year I am going to attempt to do a full first round draft, followed by a Bill's mock draft for rounds 2- 7.

Here goes nothing...

1) Colts- Andrew Luck

An obvious selection for this franchise. Luck is a pretty safe pick, and will be their francise QB for years to come. He is a smart guy and can handle the pressure of being the first overall pick.

2) Redskins- RG3

Like the Colts, this pick is pretty much locked in. The Redskins finally get their franchise guy, whom the Shanahans can help mentor.

3) Vikings- Matt Kalil

I know that there are rumors going around that the Vikings will pick either Claiborne or Blackmom over Kalil, but I think in the end they get an elite Left tackle in Kalil, to protect Ponder's blindside.

4) Browns- Trent Richardson

Holmgren is able to greatly improve the offense and McCoy finally gets a weapon. With the loss of Peyton Hillis RB is a big need for the Browns, and Richardson is the best RB prospect in a while.

5) Bucs- Dontari Poe

My first surprise pick of the draft. Schiano surprises everyone and reaches for the unproven Poe. I have a gut feeling about this one, and it will shore up Tampa's defensive line.

6) Rams- Michael Floyd

Another surprise pick, as Floyd comes off the board before Blackmon. Floyd is rising and there is just not much of a buzz about Blackmon. Floyd is taller and had a better 40 time.

7) Jaguars- Melvin Ingram

Even though the Jaguars offense needs help I have a feeling that their FO does not like Blackmon, so instead they get their number 1 d- end on the board in Ingram. The Jaguars value character and will prefer Ingram to Quinton Coples.

8) Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill

Even if the FO does not love Tannehill the Dolphins have to go with him, or their fans might completely rebel. The Dolphins have capable veterans in Garrard and Moore, so they won't need to start Tannehill from day one.

9) Panthers- Fletcher Cox

Ron Rivera is probably still embarasses about his team's porous defense from last year, so he goes interior d- line and drafts Fletcher Cox out of Mississippi State.

10) Bills- Justin Blackon

This is a dream case scenario for the Bills. They get their choice of Claiborne or Blackmon. I think they go Blackmon because they believe that they can get a very solid CB in the later rounds. He fits Nix's description of a WR to a tee.

11) Chiefs- Morris Claiborne

The Chiefs get lucky and Claiborne is there to replace Brandon Carr whom they lost in free agency. Claiborne projects to be an elite CB in the NFL.

12) Seahawks- Luke Kuechly

The Seahawks replace the departed David Hawthorne with Kuechly, who may be an even better player. Kuechly is also a safe prospect who, worse case scenario, is very similar to Poz.

13) Cardinals- Riley Reiff

This would enable the Cardinals to move Levi Brown to the inside. It would also help Kolb turn into the franchise QB that the Cardinals need him to be.

14) Cowboys- David DeCastro

The Cowboys get a franchise guard that will last for years to come. DeCastro is one of the best players in this draft from a talent prospective.

15) Eagles- Michael Brockers

Andy Reid loves his linemen, and Brockers can be paired with Trent Cole to help give the Eagles a great Defensive line and pressure RG3, Romo, and Manning.

16) Jets- Cordy Glenn

The Jets need help on their offensive line and Cordy Glenn fits the mold. It was either him or Courtney Upshaw.

17) Cincinnati- Dre Kirkpatrick

The Bengals corners are old and they tend to over look character issues. Kirkpatrick will be able to learn under Nate Clements.

18) Chargers- Bobby Massie

I saw this pick in another mock draft and really liked the pick. A.J Smith likes to reach for players that he loves, and he also likes to be right. Massie is a big tackle and fills a need.

19) Bears- Kendall Wright

The Bears get another wide receiver to compliment Brandon Marshall. Cutler needs another target especially with Johnny Knox's back injury.

20) Titans- Quinton Coples

Coples falls all the way to 20 before the Titans pick him up. They need another defensive end and it can never hurt to rush the pass rusher. Coples is a boom or bust prospect.

21) Bengals- Jonathon Martin

The Bengals need another tackle to protect Andy Dalton. Martin is a good technichian, who, with a good conditioning coach, can turn into a very good player in the NFL.

22) Browns- Stephen Hill

The Browns get McCoy even more help with Hill. The Browns have no real deep threat right now and Hill can help fill that void.

23) Lions- Mark Barron

Barron fits a need and is the BPA in this scenario. The Lions need help in the secondary, and Barron will definitley give them a boost.

24) Steelers- Dont'a Hightower

A thumping Linebacker who can learn under vets. The steelers defense is getting old and they need to inject some youth.

25) Broncos- Brock Osweiler

The Broncos surprise everyone by reaching for a QB for the future. Osweiler can learn under Manning for 3 or 4 years a la Aaron Rodgers.

26) Texans- Stephon Gilmore

The Texan's secondary still needs help and Gilmore will improve it greatly.

27) Patriots- Courtney Upshaw

Upshaw can play in both the 3-4 and 4-3 scheme. He fits perfectly into Belichek's system and can contribute from day one.

28) Packers- Shea McClellin

The Packers desperately need help across from Clay Matthews and have seemed to fall in love with McClellin. McClellin can proved defense against both the pass and the run.

29) Ravens- Mike Adams

Adams is a big, physical linemen who can play across the line from Michael Oher.

30) 49ers- Coby Fleener

The NFL is a copycat league and the 49ers get a second tight end to work with Vernon Davis and to provide Alex Smith with another target.

31) Patriots- Devon Still

The Patriots continue to help their defense by drafting a defensive end/ tackle in Still.

32) Giants- Doug Martin

The Giants need a running back with Jacobs gone and Bradshaw injury prone.

The rest of the Bills draft...

2: Chandler Jones- another defensive end to rotate in

3: Tank Carder- The Bills have shown intrest in him, and he fills a need

4a: Josh Norman- A small school guy with good potential

4b: Matt McCants- a 4 year starter who fits Nix's ideas for an offensive tackle

5-7: BPA CB, WR, OT, LB, DT

Can't wait to hear your comments...

Go Bills!


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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