Quit Mocking Me! Mock

Rd 1. #10 – Reilly Reiff, T, Iowa

When I first put this mock together Jonathan Martin was penciled in here and it stayed that way for quite some time. In recent weeks I’ve had a change of heart as I’ve come to the conclusion that Reilly Reiff is likely much more ready to start week 1; and I feel you have to draft a starter with a top 10 pick. Much props to the Rumblings community for their insightful research and Keysh76 in particular who showed me the error of my logic regarding Reiff’s shortcomings. Here’s link to that post.

Rd 2 #41 – Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

I can hear it now… “there’s no way he’s going to make it out of the first round…” Okay smart-guy, he’s the 4th corner on most boards behind Claiborne, Kirkpatrick and Jenkins. Last year the 4th ranked corner behind Peterson, Amukamara and Jimmy Smith was… Aaron Williams… who the Bills scored in the second round.

Rd 3. #71 – Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

Let me tell you that before I started researching Reilly Reiff, I had not heard about McNutt, but he kept making big play after big play outside the numbers. He was clearly Ricky Stanzi’s go-to guy. He’s 6-3, 216 and if not for an absolutely STACKED WR class he’d be a household name right now. Mohamed Sanu of Rutgers would also get strong consideration here, but as a Scarlet Knights fan I can tell you Sanu is a playmaker from the slot, not the outside #2 people are claiming he is based on size.

Rd 4. #105 – Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia

Top of the draft talent falling fast because of injury concerns. I think he’ll fall all the way to the top end of the 4th, where his injury risk is mitigated.

Rd 4. #124 – Brandon Taylor, FS/SS, LSU

Hard-hitting, fast, playmaker can play either safety position. He’d bring an edge to Buffalo’s defense and some MUCH needed versatile depth at the safety positions.

Rd 5. #144 – Terrell Manning, OLB, NC State

Good athleticism and size. Grooms behind Barnett at 4-3 Will.

Rd 5. #147– Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

Wilson can flat-out PLAY and I wouldn’t risk passing on him beyond this point. Don’t talk to me about his height, talk to me about his mechanics which I find excellent. He completed 73% of his passes his junior year despite throwing down-field a whole lot. You cannot claim either of those two points about Brock Osweiler, who I think is a late-round project.

Rd 6. #178 – Jarrett Boykin, WR, Virgina Tech

Rd 7. #217 – Tahir Whitehead, OLB, Temple

Rd 7. #251 – Mike Ryan, OT, Connecticut

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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