A closer look at the middle seven games

Yes we did get screwed. We finally get our first easy schedule in years talent wise, but the NFL did us no favors in how they scheduled our games. Check out why, and how the middle seven games will be a challenge to our playoff hopes after the jump.

Lets start in week four where we face NE one of our five toughest games of the season that will all be packed into this eight week nightmare.

Seven days later we are on the west coast playing a very good SF team in what ends up being the first of two west coast games in a row. They are also quite possibly the toughest team on the schedule this year.

Week six's tilt with the Cardinals looks like a break in the rough schedule at first glance but when you combine the fact that it is the second west coast game in a row and throw in that the Cardinals have ten days to prepare for the game, this game could be togher than it looks. I hope they do decide to stay out west in between these two games.

The week seven game against the Titans at home would be a tough game even before you throw in the second of four games in a row for our Bills that opponents get additional days to prepare for us. Yes, thats right we get the Titans after their Thursday game also giving them three more days to prepare for us then we get for them.

Thank God we get a buy in week eight to break up this really hard streach, now we can get some rest and extra time to prepare for our next team so we can have the advantage right.

Wrong, we finally get our first of two chances to have a time advantage over our opponent in week nine after our buy and the NFL says NO you will get no relief from us. Yes we get extra time and it will help,but so do the Texans who also get there buy in week eight. No advntage here for the fourth of our five toughest games of the year in the middle of the schedule.

Week ten is back to NE with our hated divisional rivals on the road. The NFL did not think that was hard enough so they decided to give BB 14 days to prepare for us. That makes four times this year, and in a row that the NFL saw fit to give our opponent that advantage. Shame on them, I dont expect any favors but this is really uncalled for. I did not have the time to look into it but does anyone know if this has ever happened before?

We end up our middle seven with what could be an easy game for us if Miami implodes down the streach. Well there is the fact that they swept us last year, and that we both will only have four days to prepare in this our only short week. It really is not a disadvantage to us as it is the same for Miami, but it will still make for a tough week.

So that is a closer look at the middle seven games that will make or break our playoff run. I think it is clearly a poor job by the NFL. Mainly bc of the four games(25%)that they give our opponents a big time advantage to prepare for us. Throw in that they put them in a row, and in the middle of three other tough games of which 4/7 are on the road. This could have been done better. Again shame on the NFL, all we want is to be treated fair.

I see us going 6-3 or hopefully 7-2 in the games early and late not in the middle seven. It will probably take ten wins to make the playoffs so that means we have to win three to four of the middle seven. I think we can do this but it really will be the test of the season for the Bills. I think we have a great chance at beating the Cardinals and Miami, but after that it is going to be tough. This team is going to have to learn to beat some good teams if it considers itself a playoff team. I put the reamaining five teams in order of our best chances to beat them.

Houston Away (65%)This team has lost a lot of talent this offseason. Titans (60%)They would be highest on the list but they get the time advantage on us and that is going to make this a tough home game. NE at home (55%) We have the edge but only slightly. We will have to play really good ball that week. NE away (45%) Flip flop of the other game with them. I think we prove this year that we can hang with them on a regular basis, but I will be extremely happy with one win of the two again this year. SF away (40%) The toughest game on our schedule this year IMO. We need to win two of these five games. This is where our playoff chances will be made or broken. So lets hear it Rumblers did we get screwed? Can we win four of those middle seven games?

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