A look at Stephen Hill and Brian Quick w/ video

This post is a look at 2 WR's that are like lumps of clay ready to be molded and formed to some pottery. Both WR's are tall, fast, and very raw. Hill played in a triple option offense where his route tree was basically go deep and Quick played in a spread offense at the FCS level where his route tree was flies, curls and a few ins/outs. But is there enough there to worthy getting drafted? Or are these guys on the James Hardy train to nowhere-ville

Physically both guys are really similiar, According to CBSsports, both are 6'4" While Hill weighs 215, Quick weighs 220. As everyone knows, Hill lit up the combine running a 4.36 40yrd dash and 39.5" vertical. Quick was no slouch either as he ran 4.55 w/ a 34" vertical. Obviously Hill had the better numbers in shorts, but what about with pads on? Here is a good example of Hill not playing 4.36, it's a really good catch, but if he really played 4.36, no DB from Middle Tenn St. would be running with him like that. Guys played off Randy Moss all the time, but he still ran by them, I never saw the elite separation speed from Hill. Quick seemed to play just as fast.

Here is what everyone loves about these guys, big play ability. In this play Quick shows really exceptional acceleration as he just runs away from Va Tech DB's. I also like the balance at the end of the play breaking tackles and almost getting into the endzone. While Hill often time benefited from the defenses selling out against the option, he also was a beast in the secondary when he was covered 1 on 1. Relate this to the Broncos w/ Tebow at the end of the year and how Thomas (another GA Tech guy) was able to make big plays against 1 on 1.

Both guys seem to have good ball skills as well. Look at this catch by Quick, it is harder than the one Welker dropped in the Super Bowl. And Hill had one of the best catches of the season here, just a freak of athleticism. And that is what makes these guys so intriguing is they are so athletic. However, both seemed to have concentration lapses as well and would drop easy catches. Hill, Quick

As far as route running... both didn't seem to be asked to do much of it. Here is a good route and catch by Quick, but here is just a terrible out route. I wasn't able to find much of a route tree on Hill, and that should say enough about what has been asked of him at Ga Tech.

In conclusion, both these guys are lottery tickets. Neither is an NFL receiver right now in the way that Stevie Johnson is. Both are athletes playing football. Of what I saw, I like Quick better, seemed to play just as fast, but also seemed to have more experience playing WR in a real offense. I also don't think he will require as high of a draft pick. I would not expect with guy to contribute much in year 1, but Quick might look good outside across from Stevie Johnson in year 2-3.

I would spend a 3 on Quick and maybe Hill, but nothing higher

Thoughts and comments welcomed.


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