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I don't like doing full mock drafts so I won't do one here but rather an analysis on a situation that might be unfolding in front of our pick at number 10.

It has been rumored, be either smoke screen or reality, that the Vikings will look to draft a player not named Kalil (per Pro football talk) with the 3rd overall pick. With that being said, the Browns appear ready to pass on Tannehill (per ESPN).

So barring a trade, the NEEDS for each team from pick 4-9 courtesy of Walter Football are:

Buccaneers: CB, LB, RT, WR

Rams: LT, LG, WR, DT

Jaguars: QB, WR, DE, CB

Dolphins: QB, WR, RT, DE

Panthers: DT, CB, LG LB

Now, it has been rumored that the Rams (however it has also been rumored they would like to trade back up), the Panthers (according to Joseph Person), and the Jaguars (according to ESPN's John Clayton) would all like to trade out of the top 10 picks.

I do not believe the Rams will look to move up for Blackmon, rather they will sit back and let the Browns, Buccs, and Vikings dictate their draft. Potentially the first three picks could end up as follows:

Colts: Luck, Redskins: RG3, Vikings: Blackmon (if not Kalil as rumored)

Which would then leave the Browns likely with Richardson and the Buccaneers likely to look to Claiborne with their picks (makes sense right?).

So the Rams then, in theory based on Walter Football's list of needs would be the most likely threat to Matt Kalil for the Buffalo Bills. I'm not proposing we trade with the Rams to take him, but look and see what happens next as this situation continues to unfold.

Should the Rams decide to trade back so another team can move up (maybe the Jets for Ingram?) that would eliminate the threat for Kalil's services leaving the Jaguars (if the Jets do not trade with the Jags to pick Ingram assuming the Rams go somewhere else) and Panthers to take him, assuming the Dolphins value Tannehill more than Kalil.

Therefore, ceteris paribus, Matt Kalil COULD potentially fall to the Bills given one trade that the Rams complete and a different projected selection by the Vikings. This scenario could happen without the trade if the Rams value Floyd as high as Blackmon, however, the entire scenario could be nullified if they select Kalil (obviously) or if the Jaguars and Panthers want a premier left tackle.

Basically, there are a ton of assumptions and rumors and possibilities being thrown around in this post, but, if the Vikings go to Blackmon then the fate of Kalil is essentially in the Rams hands rather than the Vikings.

What do you guys think? Am I spot on in my thinking? Are there flaws I'm not addressing?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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