Mock draft #2

I posted a mock last week, but with more consideration here is what I think the Bills will do. I'm at the point with mock drafts where it is not about what I think they should do, but what I think Nix will actually do. Well here goes nothing.

1st- Stephon Gilmore CB: Buddy said he would add two corners this offseason. Last year he used a high pick (basically a first) on Aaron Williams. I think he will solidify the defensive backfield with either gilmore or kirkpatrick. Both played in the SEC, but I think gilmore gets the nod because of his superior size. 2 big corners in williams and gilmore would make an excellent tandem.

2nd- Alshon Jeffery WR: The Bills offense gets a true #2 receiver who is way better than donald jones or brad smith or whoever else they tried to plug in. Jeffery can take the ball away from defenders in the air even when they have perfect coverage. This is what the bills need for when fitz throws those sketchy jump ball type throws. He is also a pretty good route runner and would serve as an excellent flanker to SJ13. If Jeffery is not there at 41 I think the Bills will go after the next available receiver like Hill or Randle.

3rd- Lavonte David OLB: He might not be here in the 3rd but thats why this is a mock draft. David is a true sideline to sideline player and exactly what Wanny looks for in has linebackers in the 4-3. Barnett is our only linebacker who can cover so David would take alot of pressure off of him. If David is not there I can see Nix taking Bobby Wagner, Mychal Kendricks, or Bruce Irvin.

4th- James Brown OT: Brown is a great prospect who will provide some good competition with Hairston. The Bills will definitely add a tackle by this pick so if it is not Brown it could be Nate Potter.

4th- Brandon Lindsey DE: Even with the additions of Williams and Anderson, any football fan knows that you can never have too many pass rushers. Lindsey is undersized but can hopefully put up some numbers when given an opportunity to get after the QB on 3rd downs.

5th- Trenton Robinson FS: The Bills need someone who can step in if Byrd were to get hurt. Robinson is a very solid player and provides a little insurance in case we can't get Byrd re-signed next year. Which I really hope isn't the case.

5th- James Hanna TE: A sleeper with some exciting potential. Ran a 4.5 at 6-4 252 at the combine. Pretty impressive and worth a shot in the 5th.

6th- Keith Tandy CB: Like I said earlier, Nix will add two corners. So here is the second. I go to WVU so I had to throw my boy in here.

7th- Kellen Moore QB: Worth taking a flier on. It's the 7th round folks.

7th- Max Gruder OLB: Solid player for the Panthers defense. He will compete with Batten/Moats for a roster spot.

Yeeuuppp thats it. Go ahead and nit-pick it, I aint never scared.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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