1st and 2nd round mock (caution: I AM NOT MIKE MAYOCK)

I had refrained from posting anymore mock drafts because i didnt want to take up any more space on the fanpost section with yet another mock, but seeing as how the world and his wife have already done it im gonna have another crack of the whip as well, the primary reason for this mocks existence however is that i wanted to get past the first round to see what the second round might look like and what names might be available to us. I think a lot of us have resigned ourselves to the possibility that unless we trade down in round 1 we may not get great value with our pick and that there will be players of equal value available 10 or so picks later, what the second round will look like to us is obviously not as clear yet and wont be until the first round plays itself out. In this mock i had the bills and eagles swapping 1st round picks with the bills acquiring another 2nd rounder. I also have cinncinati and seattle swapping in the middle of the first with seattle gaining a 2nd rounder plus whatever extras. for most picks i just tried to go off what little game footage ive seen, scouting reports and news articles id read, gut instinct or just plain pilfered mayocks top 5 positional rankings and yes ive seen plenty of other mock drafts so to say that didnt have any effect on me would be pretentious. so please forgive the amateurness (if thats a word) of this mock draft, as you can see i havent took the time to explain every pick, especially late in round 2 where i was basically reeling off names like schindlers list. feel free however to dismantle it in the comments section, ive got my big boy pants on now so i can take criticism. enjoy

1 ind Andrew Luck QB (surprise!!)

2 was Vontaze Bur...just kidding...Robert Griffin QB

3 min Matt Kalil OT

4 cle Justin Blackmon WR (the browns claim they were frozen out of trade talks to move up, what better way to get thier own back than by taking the guy we all know the rams want)

5 tam Morris Claiborne CB

6 stl Trent Richardson HB

7 jax Reilly Reiff OT (blaine gabbert didnt stand a chance last year, his protection was awful)

8 mia Quinton Coples DE ("but the dolphins need a QB....desperately" i hear you say, true but why pick the third best qb in 2012 when you can have the best QB in 2013

9 car Dre Kirkpatrick CB (yeah i know thier interior d-line was awful last year but i think the corners in this draft stand out more than the DTs

10 phi (trd-buf) Luke Keuchly ILB (okay they picked up demeco ryans but one guy doesnt solve the problems they had last year)

11 kan David Decastro OG (these spoiled buggers have actually got two good offensive tackles TWO!!, but they could use a guard so cas is the man)

12 cin (trd-sea) Janoris Jenkins CB (if they want jenkins they'd better get in front of dallas, jerry jones has said he wants to build a dominant secondary)

13 ari Melvin Ingram LB

14 dal Stephon Gilmore CB (still a very good corner from what i hear, sounds like a nate clements type based on the scouting reports ive read)

15 buf (trd-phi) Cordy Glenn OT (if this is how it pans out for the bills i cant say id be distraught, at tackle we just need guys that wont make fools of themselves in pass protection and can open up holes for fred and cj)

16 nyj Courtney Upshaw LB

17 sea (trd-cin) Nick Perry DE (combine demon, decent football player, why not)

18 sad Fletcher Cox DE (another standout at the underarmour olympics and a good player from what ive heard)

19 chi Michael Floyd WR (him and brandon marshall will make life hell for any secondary)

20 ten Michael Brockers DT

21 cin Kendall Wright WR (that poor forty he ran a while back really hurt his place in many a mock draft, not so much here obviously)

22 cle Ryan Tannehill (after i had the fins pass on him i admit i didnt really know where to put this guy, in this scenario cleveland give in to temptation and take a QB with a ton of potential. if this prompts mccoy to up his game then youve got two decent QBs, a good problem to have)

23 det Andre Branch DE (i nearly put mercilus here but from what ive heard hes pretty weak against the run, branch hasnt had that same knock against him... as far as i know)

24 pit Donta Hightower ILB

25 den Jor’el Worthy DT

26 hou Jonathan Martin OT (they lost eric winston, martin wont blow anyone away but with a lot of work and a year of proffessional strength training he could be good)

27 pat Devon Still DT

28 grb Peter Konz OC

29 bal Mark Barron S

30 saf Stephen Hill WR

31 ne David Wilson HB

32 nyg Coby Fleener TE


1 stl Trumaine Johnson CB (another big athletic corner, fills a need here)

2 ind Mike Adams OT (he may or may not turn out to be the next john elway, if you dont keep him in one piece youll never find out)

3 min Dontari Poe DT (super athletic for a DT, that should come in handy when hes covering slot recievers...not lol, not a first round player from what i hear but an enticing prospect, probably too enticing to pass at this point)

4 tam Reuben Randle WR (in the clips i watched of him he seemed to catch every pass with his stomach, i never played wide reciever but im sure thats not a good habit, still tho he did catch them and hes plenty athletic)

5 cle Kevin Zeitler OG

6 jax Vinny Curry DE

7 stl Dwayne Allen TE

8 car Mohamed Sanu WR

9 buf Juron Criner WR (big athletic WR with a good college career to his name, may not have set the world alight last year but stats are not everything)

10 mia Kendall Reyes DT (nope still not picking a QB, we want barkley, athletic DT should be handy in a 4-3 defense)

11 sea Leonard Johnson CB

12 kan Whitney Mercilus OLB (pass rusher, has the mobility to set the edge in the run game but will need some work to consistently stand blockers up and redirect running plays)

13 dal Ronell Lewis OLB

14 phi James Brown OT (-insert song lyrics here-)

15 nyj Alshon Jeffrey WR

16 ne Zebrie Sanders OT

17 sad Marvin Mcnutt WR

18 chi Harrison Smith S

19 buf (trd-phi) Orson Charles TE (this guy is athletic, productive and silly strong although prone to silly behaviour if recent events are anything to go by and not the size of a CHIX player, but in this mock ive taken the risk)

20 ten Jared Crick DE

21 sea (trd cin) Shae Mclelin LB

22 det Nate Potter OT

23 atl Ben Jones OC

24 pit Derek Wolfe DE

25 den Brandon brooks OG

26 hou Marvin Jones WR

27 gb Lavonte David LB

28 bal Brandon Brooks OG

29 saf Lamar Miller HB

30 ne Amini Silatolu OG

31 nyg Doug Martin HB

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