Trade scenario with the Eagles.....

For a few weeks now I have seen that the Eagles are actively shopping Asante Samuel for a few reasons. One they are fairly set at the position and heavily invested in their other two CB's, two he has two more years left on a contract that he is owed over $21 Mill and three he is 31 years old. On the positive side of that is that he has led the NFL in ints 2 out of the last 3 yrs and is considered to be very close to a shut down corner. At the very least he is better than what we have.

So why would the Eagles trade with us you ask???? It's been speculated that they they think highly of Baron the saftey out of Alabama, the problem is the Boys who pick ahead of them are also interested in him so we do have some leverage in the negotiating. What I am suggesting is that we swap the 1st rd picks #10 for #15 and swap the 3rd round picks #71 for #88 we get one of their two 2nd round picks #51 and we give them or 5th round pick #144.

So that would leave us with a starting CB and picks #15, 41, 51, 88 in he first 3 rounds.

Samuel has said that he is willing to restructure his contract some for cap reason and with having one of the two CB's that Nix has talked about adding to the roster it frees us up to do some different things. Now to really piss some of you off with the 1st pick I am 100% in on David DeCastro and here's why......

I know it has been said that G is not an impact position (especially by our trusted leader!) but in the NFL nowadays I disagree. On the "long" pass that most of you are screaming for it is very seldom that the QB is able to take a 5 - 7 step drop and let it fly. Normally there is some sort of pocket awarness and shuffling that has to happen. From a QB perspective the easiest "shuffle" is forward where you can keep your eyes downfield at all times and (most importantly) step into throws (instead of scrambling towards a sideline and throwing across your body). By having a front line of Levitre, Wood and DeCastro you are creating a pocket that most QB's would dream of (ala Drew Brees.....).

By now most of you are going to say that LT is THE most important position and without a good one it doesn't matter what the rest of your line does. To that I say BS and here's why. First and foremost if you as a coach (and I was/am one) know that your weakness is one area of the OL but the rest are rock solid there are many things that you can do to help or cover that weakness. First thing you can do is line up the TE to that side to make the rusher take a wider path and giving the OT a better angle to pass protect. I'm not insinuating keep the TE in to block just to give the T a better angle. Secondly there was an article a few weeks ago where PFT (sorry I don't have the link) rated Freddie as the best "chip" blocker in he game and by the end of the year CJ was sticking his nose in there to help too. Again they are not staying in to block they are just helping slow the rusher down on there way out in the pattern. And third thing is if you don't need help with the other lineman you can always "slide" your protection to the LT side so in case he does get beat he has someone there to help. This isin't the ideal scenario but it happens a lot.

Not to mention that with DeCastro in at RG our run game which was potent at times last year improves greatly. He is a lineman that has the power and footwork to double team the nose and chip off that to get to the LB at the second level. In essecence he would neutralise the likes of Woolfork and Pouha..... while also blocking the front side LB. Now imagine Freedie or CJ poping through the hole not being touched until they are 5 - 7 yds downfield and they are one on one with a saftey, I like our chances. We have all been saying that the Bills need to be able to run the ball in bad weather and to close out games, he allows us to do that! He is one of the few prospects after the first 6-7 that have no flaws and most draft pundits consider him a potential pro bowler. Not to mention the fact that he allows us more depth in the G and C position in a group that has been hit hard by the injury bug and has a lot of contract questions after this year.

And just so all of you don't think I'm crazy I do think we draft another OT in either rounds 2 or 3. I also would like to see us draft Weeden in the 4th rd but thats another post for another day.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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