Draft Restlessness Syndrome

Hey fellow Rumblers, I'm officially checking in with draft restlessness. I just want the day to come and be over with so I can react finally.

I will sit here and admit I have jumped from player to player...First with Michael Floyd....then seeing Luke Kuechly I finally gave into that....then I saw Cordy Glenn and was like no way we can miss out on this guy.

Now I come here to admit defeat. I can really see the case for Mark Barron. Yes I said it, Mark Barron a safety in most everyone's eyes when we have Byrd and Wilson.

You may ask me why and how could you come to this conclusion when we have Da'Norris Searcy in the wings as well and I will list my case for Mark Barron.Mark Barron Highlights

  1. He is 6 foot 2, 215 former linebacker out of high school.
  2. In Nix's comments he said he didn't want to be in the position we were last season when it came to injuries in our secondary. I think many thought he was talking about our Cornerbacks, however the the thing that really broke the camels back was losing George Wilson our SS. Both him and Byrd were able to cloak a lot of problems due to our lack of pass rush and coverage.
  3. Mark Barron could play a hybrid Linebacker/Safety at a higher level than Byron Scott. He would be a play maker. Scott is 6-1 220...with less speed, so I can see Barron stepping in making a bigger difference than Scott.
  4. He is strong in run defense situation and can blitz well and cover down field.
  5. He would be the answer to our tight end coverage problems. At 80 to 90% he ran a 4.5. He can hit hard and get off the block to cover the field side line to side line.
  6. The Buffalo Bills already talked up how Alabama just has a way of turning out Stars in the NFL especially on the defensive end of the ball.
  7. His versatility would confuse Barron playing SS or he going to blitz or drop back in coverage.

Many might think well can't we get that out of Kuechly and I'm not sure. I saw him against Tight Ends in college and at times he got his butt handed to him. Granted he got 7 ints that is what people are talking about but if you were really to look at the tape i wonder if he was beaten more times than he got INTs.

Who knows again this can all be contributed to Draft Restlessness Syndrome (DRS). I'm really excited for what is about to come.

In my ideal world somehow Pick Mark Barron and some way get in a position to draft Cordy Glenn late in the 1st or a bit earlier in the 2nd. Though I'm not sure how we would do that. Then in the 3rd/4th select the best WR/CB we can. Then with our remaining picks get promising, Linebacker, Defensive End, and project QB and TE or DT.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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