Open Thread All Weekend!!

I miss these things. The Mods haven't done it in a while, and I think everybody is pretty much "mock-drafted" out. Lets talk about some fun stuff or anything that doesn't deal with the draft.

Just finished watching the movie about J. Edgar Hoover. Its obviously a movie, lots of conjecture, but the man had an amazing career. Built the FBI and served under 142 Presidents. Pretty amazing. Not a bad movie. But you have to know your history or you will be lost.

The Predators slapped down their monkey on the back by finally beating the Detroit Redwings in the playoffs. Could this be Nashville's year? The hockey rink in Nashville is a pretty great place to see a game.

Jabari Greer. Wow. After the Bills let him go, he proved himself as a capable player and just got a nice little contract from New Orleans. Good for him. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish the Bills would've kept him. What are your thoughts?

Car repair shops suck. My prized possession, my 1993 Pontiac Bonneville, that I bought brand new in Alaska when I was just a Staff Sergeant, was idling way too high upon starting. The dummy experts had it for two weeks, and still couldn't figure it out. "I'm sorry Mr. SMT, but your car is so old that we don't even have manuals on it anymore." "We could try and replace the computer and wiring harness, that should do it, but that will cost $2400." FU!

Really? REALLY!? The GM V6 put in that car was put into about 5 million vehicles and you idiots can't figure it out?! Whatever. My trick is that I start it up, let it run for 5 minutes at its high 2500 rpm, then I turn it off. When I start it back up, its runs normally. The engine is strong, I have no leaks and no rust. I'm going to run it until it explodes. Its a spare car, but I keep it out of love. I want to see how long it will run.

I want to see Michael Jasper appear this year as the greatest secret weapon in the history of the NFL! Did Buddy pretend to list him as an offensive guard just to hide him? Or will he be unleashed as a MONSTER to back up Darius and T-rex?

We lost another Blackhawk two days ago around Kandahar (a real sh@thole) and lost four more heroes. Pray for their wives and children.

Sorry to end that on a downer. OPEN UP GUYS AND GALS!

The Saturday Night Open Threads are always fun.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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