Final Mock Draft (3rd, every team)

Please rec if you like what you see - and would like to discuss the situations through the day. I will respond and update through out the Day (Lazy Sundays).

My Fellow Rumblers - my 2012 NFL Draft can be found in the following link with all three rounds of every team - 2012 NFL Mock Draft AND my consensus big board can be found here - 2012 Consensus Big Board

So what happened?

  • 1st - NO trades. I cannot predict trades EXCEPT the Patriots at 31 who clearly stated they will trade out. I reflected that in the MOCK
  • 2nd - I took into account all the "rumblings" i have been hearing around the NFL. I also wanted to be a bit different - so the top 10 is probably something you won't see in any other mock draft
  • The Buffalo Bills are down to a few players: Luke Kuechly, Mark Barron, Stephen Gilmore, Justin Blackmon, Matt Kalil, Dre Kirkpatrick, Cordy Glenn, Jonathan Martin. That is my thinking. So depending on who the BPA was when it came for me to choose the Bills pick it ended up being Justin Blackmon. That's right. But how? Why?

  1. Colts - Andrew Luck (QB) - Stanford

  2. Redskins - RG3 (QB) - Baylord

  3. Vikings - Morris Claiborne (CB) - LSU
    Here is where things get weird. If I am the Vikings GM I take Kalil in a heart beat. Adam Schefter said he believes 20% the pick will be Matt Kalil. That leaves Blackmon and Claiborne. Looking at the division and given that Frazier has a defensive background - ill go with MC

  4. Cleveland Browns - Trent Richardson (RB) - Alabama
    TR is the best player. WR can be had later. I don't need to explain further

  5. Buccaneers - Luke Kuechly (LB) - BC
    Kalil is a possibility here - Bucs have a great OL. They have a huge need at LB. Luke is easily rated top 10 player in the draft. He will be a leader on a young, talented defense.

  6. Rams - Matt Kalil (OT) - USC
    Fletcher Cox is the rumor here - but the Rams CANNOT pass up on protecting Sam Bradford. I should mock Cox here - but there are DT's to be had at the end of the 1st and beginning of 2nd.

  7. Jaguars - Stephen Gilmore (CB) - South Carolina
    Jaguars love Gilmore, Gene Smith has a very specific type of player they want. WR class is deep. Blackmon has a few issues. Gilmore is the consensus #2 CB.

  8. Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill (QB) - Texas AM
    Won't explain

  9. Panthers - Fletcher Cox (DT) - Mississippi St.
    Best DT falls to the Panthers.

  10. Bills - Justin Blackmon (WR) - Oklahoma St.
    If Jaguars take Blackmon - Gilmore is the pick here - either way win win situation

  1. Justin Blackmon (WR) - Oklahoma St.
    With Gilmore and Kalil off the board - and Justin Blackmon falling to us
    - this was automatic. Honestly - I do believe Blackmon CAN fall to us on draft day. Kalil cannot. Blackmon MIGHT. None the less it is how I have predicted Thursday night to go. It all depends on who the - Jaguars will select Justin Blackmon and in that case we will select Stephen Gilmore. If neither Gilmore or Blackmon are available? Dre Kirkpatrick is the pick.

  2. Bobbie Massie (OT) - Mississippi
    I love Massie. He also fits the "mold" of what Chix look for in an offensive lineman. He is a bit raw but with a year of training can play at a high level whether on the right, or the left. Fills a massive need on the offensive line. The other possibility here was Trumaine Johnson, who was selected right before we got a chance to jump

  3. Chase Minnifield (CB) - Virginia
    At this point - Minnifield was the BPA and filled an area of need. I don't know too much about him, but like I said when I put the later rounds together it was based on the consensus big board.
So what does the Buffalo Rumblings community think? (Eagerly waiting to be eaten apart by Brian)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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