Versatility on Defense

Hey Fellow Rumblers, just burning the midnight oil. I was looking at some mid-round prospects between 3-6th round. What i loved about the picks from 2011 was the versatility we were able to gather through each round.

Aaron Wiliams, Marcel Dareus, Kelvin Sheppard, Da'Norris Searcy, Justin Rodgers and even Michael Jasper brought the ability to fill in and create confusion in coverage.

So this blurb is to list some players I think can bring great value to our team on the defensive side of the ball as we need to get younger and more talented. Add any below you find as well!

  1. Audie Cole. NCSU. OLB/ILB. 6-4 246 pounds. Played his senior year at ILB which at first is his secondary position. I think it def gave him more insight into how the defense works. His strong point is being a SLB. He can set the edge against the run. He has the size to even be a DE in the 4-3. He is decent in coverage and has decent range. His recognition is great he does need to sure up his tackling but he can pass rush as well. Cole Highlights .He was given 5-6th round grade.
  2. Brandon Hardin. Oregon State. FS/CB/SS/OLB/ST. 6-3 217 pounds. A lot of people are interested in Dre Kirkpatrick as our #10 Pick. I believe Hardin is a guy that deserves a look because he actually is bigger, faster, and stronger than Kirkpatrick but offers more flexibility. He hurt his shoulder which made him miss his senior season which made him have a 4th round grade. Special Teams.Player Profile.
  3. Keenan Robinson.Texas. OLB/ILB. 6-3 242 pounds. He is a guy that can drop back and coverage and make a difference. In 2010 starter at OLB posted team high in tackles 113, 8 TFL, 2 ints, 2 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 forced fumble, 2 PBU. He has great strength. He is between a 3-4th round grade. Robinson Profile
  4. Justin Bethel. Presbyterian.FS/CB/SS/KR/ST. 6-0 200 pounds. He is a 4 year starter for his team. Bethel can flat out play. He is a special teams stud. He is a bigger more impact filled Justin Rodgers. He just has a knack for blocking kicks. He is a physical defender who has the speed and length to cover a variety of positions. He has a 76 3/4 inch wingspan and has a tremendous work ethic. He would be a huge steal coming out in the 5-6th round. Bethel Draft Profile. Bethel Interview/Highlights
  5. Sean Richardson. Vanderbilt. FS/SS. 6-3 216 pounds. Honorable Mention.
  6. Akiem Hicks. Regina. DT/DE. 6-5 318 pounds. Honorable Mention.

Finally I wanted to give a shout out to a Sleeper Offensive pick who I think could maybe be another Steve Johnson in the making....Toney Clemons out of Colorado. Here is his senior year finished with 40+ catches just about 700 yards and 8 tds. 6-2. 210 pounds. 4.4 speed. Toney Clemonds Highlights.

Im just looking at the WR depth since trying to scramble to see who is worthy as a WR to take if we don't pick one in the 1st two rounds. I want a guy with speed, size, great hands and ran run a decent route tree...Tommy Streeter has the height and the speed his hands are suspect and his route tree coming out of Miami is also in question.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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