Morning Joe! Hard Knocks, Buffalo

Good morning Rumblers,

I know this topic may have been brought up in some form or fashion over the past year or so, but I really haven't seen it in a Fan Post. If someone else have already discussed it, I apologize in advance.

A couple of days ago I was reading an article by Marc Sessier from, titled Five teams we'd like to see on HBO's 'Hard Knocks', now of course the Bills weren't one of them. But as I was reading the article, I started thinking to myself "can the Bills be a possible candidate"? Now I never really given this any thought before, so I honestly don't have an opinion on it. I will assume that there are some positives and negatives with being on Hard Knocks as some teams accepts the offer and others decline. So I will like to get you guys opinions on the positives and negatives on being on Hard Knocks.

Then I started thinking, even if asked by HBO to appear on Hard Knocks, will OBD do it? So I figured there are probably 3.5 people that will have to sign off on this to actually take place.

Person #1

CEO of Marketing and Business Relations; Russ Brandon- We all know that Russ is the teams marketing guy. He stunk as the de facto GM, but has performed pretty well in his current role. He successfully brokered a deal to play home games in Toronto; sort change in the teams uniform, and constantly thinking of new marketing schemes to boost revenue via ticket and jersey sales (white out). I know he would love for Buffalo to be a team that's featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks. It gives him an opportunity to market the team to not only western NY and Toronto, but worldwide.

Person #2

GM and President of Football Operations; Buddy Nix- Now here is someone who's never shy around the camera. I'm quite sure his candid personality and charisma will go over well on TV. Also, he has admitted the difficulties of attracting players to Buffalo, he might see this as an opportunity to attract potential FA's to Buffalo and improve the team.

Person #3

Bills Head Coach; Chan Gailey- Now I'm sure Chan wouldn't like the distraction this may cause to his team, but surprisingly he's showed more tolerance when it comes to things like this. He allowed himself and some of his players to be mic'd up during games, he's done tons of interviews when the team was playing well and bad. And he's seems like a guy that trust his men to do the right thing, the ultimate player's coach. Also, he seems to stay out of the way from the folks "upstairs" making the decisions. He knows his role as the coach, and let the guys "upstairs" handle the day-to-day operations.

Person # .5

Bills Owner; Ralph Wilson- Now I know you wondering why the .5 for ole Ralphy. Well I couldn't count him as a solid 1, because I'm not sure how much of an influence he has at this point. Yes, he's the owner but I'm sure he relies on a plethora of folks to make decisions for him. But he still has to be considered, because from what I heard all decisions still come through him. So will .5 (the cheap Ralph) Ralph do it? Not sure, my gut says no but the other .5 (the Ralph that signed Mario) will say yes.

So Bills fans, I really don't know if we should or would accept the Hard Knocks offer if presented with the opportunity. What do you guys think of the Hard Knocks idea? I'm interested in your thoughts

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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