In Buddy Nix I Trust (Preparation for draft day, and the future)


Over the last 6 months, on Buffalo Rumblings, we have expressed what we want our beloved Buffalo Bills to do via free agency and the draft. We have written countless fan posts discussing various free agents, trade situations, and hundreds of mock drafts. We have expressed what we "think" the Bills do. We have argued, undermined, fought, discussed, applauded, and cheered each other's posts - all having a common theme - How to make the Buffalo Bills a better team.

When someone posts a mock draft; we become passionate - "no f(*#$ing way they would pick that player", "You are crazy", "OMG I WOULD BE SO HAPPY" "If the Bills don't take this or that player I will hate them forever...." ext ext ext.

With the draft only 2 days away we eagerly anticipate what Rodger Goodell will announce...."With the 10th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, The Buffalo Bills select _____________, position, college" And then we will be flooded with emotion. Some people will be excited beyond their imaginations in pure euphoria. Some people will be depressed. Some people will be angry - throwing empty beer cans across the room, cursing at the front office.......

At the end of the day I have one message, one mentality, one common theme, one attitude for all my fellow Rumblers going into the draft and into the future: In Buddy Nix We Trust


We have been through the weirdest cycles the past 10 years. The team sucks. The team becomes mediocre. In the off season we have hope. And when the next season comes along, our hope is shattered. All of us have predicted at some point, that the Bills would have a winning record "next season." Never happened.

We have gone through heart breaks. Multiple coaching staffs. A terrible front office for most of the decade destroyed our team, and slowed the growth of our beloved franchise. Two men can be blamed for a lost decade: Tom Donahoe and Tom Modrak. Just hearing/reading those names make me cringe.

After 10 years of absolute depression - Mr. Wilson had enough. He went out to get things right, along with a man named Russ Brandon. An old man who saw his franchise in its prime, and a young man who was motivated to keep the Bills viable were sick of a lost decade.


The Buffalo Bills hired Buddy Nix who at first was a scout for us; eventually promoted to GM on December 31 2009. I looked at an old post Brian posted - "Are you happy with Buddy Nix as GM" - and 50% of us said No. Nix went out and talked to the chin, talked to mike shannahan, spoke to haurbaugh - he went after big names. But they all declined. The effort was there, but our franchise was not viable. But he found a guy that he believed in, and really liked. Chan Gailey was hired as our HC. The combination of Nix/Gailey are the spark to turning our franchise around, and bring the Buffalo Bills back to NFL prominence.


That's all the story telling i will be doing - lets see some bullet points

  • Got us a starting QB
  • Cleaned house of old players (starting with TO)
  • Re-evaluated our talent - and found diamonds in the rough (Stevie Johnson)
  • Got the fans excited
  • Started to build a franchise through the draft, with appropriate coaching moves, and filling holes in the free agency

Why do I trust Buddy Nix so much? This off season + Last Year's Draft. First -

This Offseason Who actually truly believed at the end of the season, that we would be going into next season with Mario Williams starting at DE, opposite of Mark Anderson? Never in my dreams did I think it was possible. Guess what? NIX GOT IT DONE! In Buddy Nix I trust - he said he was going to get us pass rushers and make a big splash. He did.

Second - lets quickly look at last year's draft

  1. Marcell Dareus (DT) - Starter and possible pro-bowler
  2. Aaron Williams (CB) - Starter - high potential
  3. Kelvin Sheppard (MLB) - Starter - the middle of our new 4-3 defense
  4. Da'Norris Searcy (DB) - Significant contributor and possibly a future starter at SS
    Chris Hairson (OT) - Current starter, contributor, huge potential
  5. Johnny White (RB) - Significant contributor, depth at RB
  6. Chris White (LB) - Special teams contributor (2FF) and LB depth
  7. Justin Rodgers (DB) - Special teams, and was important when we were thin at DB, good potential
    Michael Jasper (G/NT) - The Phenom

So let me get this straight. We hit on the first 4 rounds with a starter? Are you kidding me? That is not a good draft, that is a GREAT draft.
Going into Thursday - I want all my fellow rumblings to join me in the attitude and mentality I will have in the draft. I will enjoy it. But regardless of who the pick will be - I fully trust Buddy Nix - and believe he knows exactly what he is doing. After last year's draft - and this offseason, I really see our team turning around. I really see a wonderful base being built of young, talented, hard working, team oriented players. Other franchises will look at the Bills in awe.


  • At the end of the day I have one message, one mentality, one common theme, one attitude for all my fellow Rumblers going into the draft and into the future: In Buddy Nix We Trust
  • Sit back and trust Buddy Nix - he will take care of our Bills
  • Print out my consensus big board found here - Consensus Big Board - and follow along as picks are made
  • Be excited about the picks we make - see the positives before the negatives - think about why the pick was made
  • Converse with your buddies about the draft picks - what teams came out winners and losers
  • Laugh at the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets as they try to fix the state of their franchises - and keep up with the Bills positive off season.
  • Listen to the analysis. I would recommend watching NFL Network because Mike Mayock is the man and I love listening to his analysis. I can't stand listening to Kiper and McShay
  • Think of a drinking game to play with your friends
  • Take a look at two specific mock drafts. Greg Cossel's which is available on and Mike Mayock's which has yet to be revealed. Also look at Mayock's top 100 players. Personally these are the two individuals I trust and read most concerning draft related material.

Well - that is all I got - I apologize for the long write up - but I promise you, it is worth the read. Happy Draft Day. And with all my emotion, GO BILLS - the best, truest, most loyal fans in the NFL.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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