My Final Draft Thoughts

So it's about that time again. We are two days before the draft and it is time for my mind dump about this draft. I will start by saying that this is the most unsure that I have ever been about the last 4 drafts that the Bills have had. But we are in a great position here at #10.

Back before free agency my thought was always "WE NEED D ENDS". I wanted to grab one in the first and then another in the second and then I would've been content with taking yet another in the third. However, the brilliant moves by CHIX to get Super Mario and Mark Anderson were absolutely the best things that could have happened to this team. Our biggest need became one of our biggest strengths. Now I will say that it would be nice to grab a day 1 every down starter at #10, but fortunately for us, we don't have any glaring weaknesses where we are in a position that we HAVE to do that. Yes, we need a left tackle, but we don't need a starter from day 1 because we have a guy in Hairston that played pretty well last year for getting thrown into the fire as a 4th round pick. Receiver, yes we don't have a true number 2, although if Easley is healthy I believe he will be a VERY good receiver in this league and can be a number 1 down the road but that of course is not something I am counting on it is just me being hopeful. And finally, cornerback is another position where we have some veteran depth with Mcgee and Flo, and some good young talent in Rogers and Williams. Again we will need some more depth there.

Fortunately for us, players from two of those positions of "need" will most likely be there for us at 10. Either Floyd or Blackmon will likely be there when we pick. If either of these guys falls to us and we pull the trigger on them then nobody can really be upset about it. Stevie and one of these guys across from them will make one hell of a receiving duo, nobody can deny that.

Another one of these "need" need guys will probably be there too and that's Gilmore. For the record I am predicting GIlmore as the actual selection approximately 48 hours from now. Not only will he fill a need but he wouldn't be a reach at 10. This guy can play and with our improved pass rush he could thrive as a rookie.

I am under the firm belief now that we will NOT take a left tackle at 10 that is not named Matt Kalil. If he falls to us it will be tough to pass him up. I am not saying we will not in the first round because if we trade down then I could very well see us taking Glenn. I think he is the top rated tackle for the Bills have other than Kalil. If the Bills take Riley Reiff I will take something breakable, go outside my house, and smash it on a rock. Then I will most likely do that again.

If we take Tannehill, I will do the same thing except probably smash 3 or 4 things and maybe throw them into the TV instead. He would be a waste of a pick because he is not going to be a good quarterback in the NFL and I am sick of everyone talking him up because I am not at all sold on him. Give me Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, or even Kellen Moore in the late rounds. All of those guys I see as better than Tannehill in college and as future pros.

My last thoughts are on both Mark Barron and Luke Keuchly. I would be happy with taking either of these two players. Luke can play all 3 LB positions in our defense which means he can be an every down LB and with the aging group of LBs we have it would be good to have more depth and some future potential. The biggest doubt for me about this is that we play the nickle so often that the LB position is becoming less and less important. That is why I would rather take Barron over Luke if they are both there. I see Barron as a superstar safety in the NFL. Yes we have some good ones and a good young one but why have a good one when you can have a great one. One of his biggest strength coming out of college is his ability to cover the tight end position. Do you see where this could come in handy for our beloved Buffalo Bills.

So for my final thoughts, I will say that I believe the pick will be between Stephon Gilmore, Mark Barron, Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, and Luke Keuchly. I can see potentially 3 of these guys being there at the 10 spot but the pick the Bills will actually make depends completely on the way the first 9 picks go. I am going to say that I think the pick will be Gilmore but we all know that anything could happen on draft day. All we can really do is just sit back, enjoy, and hope that the Bills don't make an Aaron Maybin type of decision.

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