Full mock with LT poll

Yes I know everyone is putting one out and I cant keep up with them all either. I have been working on this for months so here it goes.

In the first we have our pick of Floyd, Kuechly, Gilmore and Barron.

#10 WR M. Floyd This gives us the # 2 WR that the team neads to take the next step.

In the second we have N.Perry, M. Adams, R. Randell, and Z. Brown available.

#41 OLB Z. Brown IMO one of the biggest needs the Bills have is an OLB with some versatility and one that can take over for Barnett if he were to go down. Brown can compete for SOLB and be insurance on the week side.

#71 QB B. Osweiller There are some CB's and LT prospects that are a consideration here but if Brock is here I think he is the pick.

#105 CB J. Fleming I get the talk about taking a CB in the first round that is a playmaker, but after that the Bills have thier starters for this year and all that is needed is an infusion of young depth to take over for next year. Fleming can be that.

#124 LT M. McCants I hate that this is as early as we address this need, but it fits the Nix MO, and so far their has been better value in each round at other positions. McCants can push Hairston from the start and will be a starter by next year.

#144 OLB T. Carder More competition at OLB is needed and I feel much better about the positon now.

#147 WR G. Childs IMO Childs offers one of the best values in this years draft at this point. He would have been a top 4-5 WR if it had not been for the ACL. He was still not back to 100% at the combine, but Childs will be a starter in the NFL and would make this WR core elite playing with Johnson, Floyd, and Nelson. Easley, and Jones would round out a very strong unit.

#178 CB J. Bethel this small school prospect can sit on the PS and could pay dividends as early as next year.

#217 C Q. Saulsberry I like our interior O-line, but this would make sure S. Brown stays on his toes. With Wood's injury history this seems like a good insurance policy.

#251 LT L. Adcock Sam Young needs some competition, and Adcock could sit on hte PS for a year as well, if he cant beat out Young.

OK so that makes ten picks and by my count two starters (Floyd and Brown), one future franchise QB (Osweiller), three immediate top depth improvements at positions of need that will challenge for or will get play time this year (Fleming, McCants,and Childs), and four more depth prospects that will need a year to develope, but could all be a contributing part of the team by 2013 ( Carder, Bethel, Saulsberry, and Adcock).

Go Bills!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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