Draft Day "Let's not overreact" Reminder

Hey there, fellow Rumblers,

This is just a quick reminder that things tend to get pretty excited every year around draft day. This is the Christmas of the NFL, and as we unwrap our presents in the form of exciting new players, let's keep some things in mind. This is one of the best sites on SB Nation, and one of the best Bills sites on the web. Let's represent that greatness tonight and this weekend as we go through the draft. Try to remember a few of these guidelines:

First, some reminders from the Buffalo Rumblings Community Guidelines:

  • Profanity:
    Keep it on the down low. Brian tries to keep this a family-oriented site, and that means we need to keep the swearing out of most of the conversation. Yes, it gets heated at times in here, and when we see Matt Kalil fall to pick 7, there will be some passionate posters. Keep the moderation easy for Brian, Matt, and the others, and take out the swears, or censor them yourself.
  • Personal Attacks:
    Please don't attack another Rumbler personally. As the discussion gets more excited when Buffalo's pick approaches, there will be plenty of opinions about who should be selected. Try to keep yourself from directly attacking another person. Attack their ideas, but if you start calling someone an idiot or a jerk, you'll find your comments deleted.
  • The general stuff: Intolerance, Religion, Politics
    It shouldn't come up on a night when everyone is thinking about football prospects, but it's nice to keep that stuff out of the discussion.
  • Trolling:
    Let's try to be mature here guys. Trolling is loosely defined, but here's what BR considers to be trolling: "relentless negativity (without substantiated opinions), baiting community members, persistent hating on one player or organizational member, relentless commenting (i.e. spamming), multiple user names to circumvent previous bans, or any other odd behavior that the moderator staff believes crosses the line." The less of this we have, the more fun the evening will be.

Then there are a few other bits of advice and recommendations that I'll make. This will be my fourth draft viewing or posting on the site, and other veterans are welcome to send out more advice. These are a few things I remember though:

  • First things first: DON'T OVERREACT
    It happens every year. Buffalo drafts someone, and somebody, anyone from 5% to 75% of the Rumblings population, will absolutely unleash pure vitriol into the comment section declaring Buddy Nix to be a fool with the IQ of a kindergartener. Let's remember that, on draft day, every player has the same amount of experience in the NFL: 0 games. No one knows how good they'll be until they play. Aaron Curry was supposed to be a no-brainer. There might be a move you disagree with, but keep the thoughts to yourself and post intelligently.
  • Follow along with the draft posts
    Draft weekend is the busiest time of year for the blog, and will always be until the year that the Bills make the playoffs. Brian and Matt will be trying their hardest to keep things moving with multiple open threads over the course of the weekend. To keep up with the conversation, look for a new thread each time Buffalo makes a pick.
  • Remember the useful SB Nation keyboard shortcuts
    All of you who post have accounts with SB Nation, but for anyone who reads and doesn't post, this is a great time to get an account and follow along. Not just because it's a good time to start posting, but also because the SB Nation account allows you to navigate these threads much more efficiently. If you're logged into your account and viewing a story, these shortcuts take effect:
    Press C to tab to new comments, Shift-C to tab backwards, X to mark as read, and Shift-A to mark all read.
    The best: Z will simultaneously mark and tab forward, and R will reply to the comment that has focus.
    So if you've jumped into a thread and don't know where the new posts are, press Z to jump to the next new comment.
  • Keep the reaction images on the down low
    There are plenty of Rumblers with slow internet connections, and on draft night our comment threads usually exceed 1000 posts. To keep things from getting too crowded for those guys, try to just link to images rather than posting the actual image on the comment. It makes it easier for everyone to read the thread when there aren't 50 animated GIFs loading in the background.
  • Pick Spoiling: Try not to
    With the prevalence of Twitter this year, I expect that many picks will be spoiled a few minutes before they happen, even with ESPN and NFL Network promising not to do it on the TV. For the sake of the commenters who don't have the luxury of following Adam Shefter and Chris Mortensen every minute of the day, try not to spoil a pick until the TV announcers have mentioned it. For one thing, it can cause confusion as the knows start sharing information before the know-nots understand that it's legit. For another, there is no guarantee that tweeted information is legit, until Goodell reads off the card. And I'm sure there will be plenty of misinformation tonight. Lastly, it gets rather annoying when twenty Rumblers start trying to scoop each other in the comments. This will probably happen tonight, but let's try not to have a lot of it.
  • Enjoy the draft!
    Remember, this is an awesome time of year and you will see some amazing things. Players like Christian Ponder and Tyson Alualu get chances of a lifetime to be a high draft pick and lead their team. Players like Mark Herzlich watch heartbroken as they are passed up, team by team. This is an absolute spectacle and a blast to watch. Grab a beer, cook up some wings, turn on the TV, and start commenting!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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