Round 2 and 3 trade up options

Round one is in the books and Buffalo did a good job staying put amid the trade chaos and getting a second starting CB who can pair with Aaron Williams for the next ten years.

There is plenty of talent available in round 2, and Buffalo may want to consider trading for specific players. Let's look at some of these players and the picks needed to move up.

First, here's a list of the picks Buffalo has and their round and value:

Round Pick Number Value
2 41 490
3 71 235
4 105 84
4 124 48
5 144 34
5 147 32.6
6 178 20.2
7 217 4.6
7 251 N/A

Now the first thing Buffalo could consider is combining their current second rounder with one of their fourth or fifth rounders to move up. I wouldn't recommend it and I sincerely doubt Buddy plans to do it, because there is plenty of talent available at the top of the second round. But say he fell in love with Cordy Glenn or Stephen Hill and wants to get one of them. Here are some combinations that could work:

Pick 41, 105, and 178 for pick 33 (594.2 points for 580 points) Say Buddy thinks there is a player right at the top of round 2 who should have been picked in mid-round one. He could trade our second rounder, with a fourth and sixth, to ensure he gets that guy. Jeff Fisher could accrue even more picks and still be picking early enough in the second round to get a good tackle or wideout.

Pick 41 and 105 for pick 35 (574 points for 550 points) Ozzie Newsome has no problem trading down, and it's possible that the Ravens could be targeting Cordy Glenn. If Buddy wants to ensure he gets that player, he could trade up with Baltimore to get him. This could also help to trade up ahead of Denver for a wide receiver like Stephen Hill if he's still available.

Pick 41 and 144 for pick 38 (524 points for 520 points) If the first 5 teams run through the gauntlet of picking their players and someone Buddy still likes is on the board, he might just want to jump ahead of the Rams and Panthers to get him. For example, Alshon Jeffery, the "go up and get it" wide receiver, could be a potential target for both of those teams ahead of Buffalo. The Jaguars would have no problem trading down after they sacrificed a pick yesterday moving up.

Trading back up into the second round:

Say Buffalo really wants to ensure they get Brock Osweiler before the third round pick. Or they saw yet another good player like Jonathan Martin or Alshon Jeffery continue to fall. They might want to trade up from the third round.

Buffalo's 3rd rounder and first fourth rounder (picks 71 and 105) are enough ammunition to trade up to the Packers' pick in the second round. They'd probably be trading up from there downwards, swapping out combinations of lower picks to get different spots in the draft.

So here are some combinations for trading higher out of the third round:

Pick 71 and 105 for pick 59 (319 points for 310 points) Buffalo can get back into the second for someone like Brock Osweiler or Zach Brown who might have fallen but probably won't make it to their third round pick.

Pick 71 and 124 for pick 63 (283 points for 276 points) It's possible that Buffalo wants a player who is almost certain to be picked by Indy or the Rams. They can trade up with the Giants, sacrificing a low fourth rounder, to ensure they get their guy.

It's fun to talk trade scenarios, but personally I think Buffalo's best bet is to just stay in place and let the talent drop to them. There are just so many great options right now. Still, there are definitely many ways Buffalo could craft a package to trade up and get their man.

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