Martin, Glenn, and Randle tops our board for round 2

This is a fairly safe assumption, where it gets questionable is when you start trying to mock the 8 picks before us. After yesterdays trade happy first round IMO it is truly impossible.

So lets try anyway bc that is what we do.

Rams #33 J. Martin The Rams need a LT and WR. There is no reason in the world for them not to take the best LT or WR on thier board. This trade down stuff is great but at some point you can trade yourself right out of the talent. Who wants to try and have (32) 7th round picks? I think thier board will come down to Martin and Randle.

Colts #34 C. Fleener The colts need a weapon for Luck to throw to. They have thier choice of the best TE and the best remaining WR. Fleener and Luck have history.

Ravens #35 C. Upshaw The Ravens need a LT and if Martin was here IMO he would be the pick, but Upshaw is a first round slider and is a fit for them. If they dont like Upshaw this will be the first trade of the day and your guess is as good as mine as to what team reaches up for thier guy. I have seen M. Adams mocked here but If there is a team that should know better it would be the Ravens (more later).

Denver #36 R. Randle I am shocked that Denver did not take Still yesterday at #25. As it turns out they (Still) can, your welcome. But they dont, at this point they get Manning a shiny new toy. They will listen to trade back chatter but in the end Randle is thier man.

Browns #37 C. Glenn My final mock before the draft started had Glenn going to the Browns at #22. That did not happen, but this pick makes a lot of sence for them. This is a ground and pound team and although Weeden will need some help at some point Glenn can make some big holes for Richardson to run through. If he cant fill the RT spot he can always slide inside where the Browns need help also.

Jags #38 A. Branch Again the phone will be ringing as Hill, Still, and Bill OK I made that last one up, are still out there. Jacksonville moved up to fill one of thier biggest needs yesterday with Blackmon. Today they can stay put and get thier second first round talent of the 2012 draft and fill thier next biggest need. No trade back here.

Rams #39 S. Hill The Rams are having a great draft this year after getting one of the better DT's at #14 yesterday and a first round LT at #33 already today. Now they focus in on getting Bradford a big and speedy target. They still have one more pick later in the second round, unbelievable!!

Panthers #40 J. Worthey The Panthers biggest need this year was to fix thier rush defense. In the first round they were able to get Kuechly. He will need some help to try and stay clean. What better way than to get a big DT.

Bills #41 B. Brown Oh how I wish Nix would trade up for Martin, Glenn, or Randle. It would only take our #41 and #124. If yesterdays first round showed me anything it is that these three guys wont be there if Nix waits at #41. I really thought that thier would be more trades this year but even Ron could not have predidcted what happened yesterday in the first. There will be plenty more eager GM's today but with fewer top talent left in the draft I think there will be less GM's willing to trade back. So unless Nix woke up today a new man now seeing the draft in a different light, and willing to give up a later pick for better early talent, our board of available players should look something like this.

D. Still, B. Brown, B. Quick, A. Jeffries, B. Wagner, Saunders,and Criner. I am not thrilled.

I know some of you are screaming by now, "WHAT ABOUT M. ADAMS". I dont think Adams is even on Buddys board. I get that he is a first round talent, and that he has all the measurables that Nix loves, but what I dont for the life of me get is the complete lack of consideration on this site for his injury history. Adams has been a highly discussed prospect on this site over the last few months. Mostly what I have seen, that fans throw out as his negatives is his lack of strength and character concerns. I have posted comments on several threads that Adams has had a history of injury, but not one response, argument, or acknowlegement. You would think that after the last four years of D. Bell on this team that we of all team(fans) could see the problem that injuries to a player at this crucial position can cause. IMO this team will continue to struggle just under the playoffs until they get serious about not bringing in talent that has a history of injuries. I think Nix gets that and for that reason, Adams is not on Buddys board. Sorry, end of rant.

I dont think they would take Still so that leaves Brown. Not a bad pick really but considering the talent that left the board in the first eight picks of the round it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The way I look at it we need to get a LT that can compete with Hairston and possibly start this year incase of injury, and a WR that can streach the field and produce at a higher level than last years #2 WR did. After Martin, Glenn and Randle I see our odds of filling those two immediate needs as slim. We should do what has to be done to get one of them, and then do the best we can at the other positon. Personaly I really like Randle, but I also wanted Floyd in the first so I obviously put WR as a bigger need than some. I like Quick in the third, but not in the second. Jeffries is big and smooth but I dont see him making it as an ouside WR, and therefore not a good fit for us. I also think that the drop off from Brown to what we can get in the third or fourth rounds at LT is not that much. So come on Buddy while the blood is still in the water, make someone an offer they cant refuse and trade up for Randle.


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