Non-homeristic assessment of the draft

To be honest, I was very disappointed with the draft starting with the graham pick up till the end. I voted disapprove for every pick except the first two.

But I saw excellent approval rating for every pick except the kicker. On top of that Lombardi gives the Bills an A. C'mon! For what? Even without listening to ESPN's biased opinions, you can see many other teams had way better draft.

All of sudden now, Graham is a solid pick by the bills? Guys like Sullivan and Hamilton are in approval of bills moving up to pick "their" guy... These same guys are going to cry reach and bust after a couple of years if he doesnt work out. That's what these media people always do. They are not accountable... what do they care.

And then I read fan comments. Every pick is awesome... Graham is going to average 20 yards/catch.... not counting the fact that we dont have a qb who can throw... yada yada...

But as always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. So I decided to make an assessment of the draft being as fair as possible. I am only going to make an assessment based on how the selected players were ranked pre-draft. For rankings, I averaged the rank of players from 6-7 different sources I found online.

Some fans will jump and point out, "you dont know how the bills had their board"... Well, just because bills stuck to their board doesn't make them right... their board has to be judged as well... so, till graham proves he is 3rd round material, Bills are guilty till found innocent....

So here goes:

1. Stephon Gilmore - average rank = 16.

Assessment: Value pick

2. Cordy Glenn - Av. Rank = 20


3. T J Graham, Av. Draft Round (AvDR) = 7th round


4a. Nigel Bradham, AvDR = 4th


4b. Ron Brooks, AvDR = 5th


5a. Zebrie Sanders, AvDR = 3rd


5b. Tank Carder, AvDR = 5th


6. Mark Asper, AvDR = Undrafted


7. John Potter, AvDR = Undrafted


So, there are 3 value picks, 2 steals and 4 reaches.

The one thing to note here is we got Zebrie Sanders in the 5th who is rated a 3rd rounder and we screwed (IMO) the 3rd round pick. So for this draft to look more favorable for Bills let me create a hypothetical draft with these same players.

1. Stephon Gilmore - Value

2. Cordy Glenn - Steal

3. Zebrie Sanders - Value

4a. Nigel Bradham - Value

4b. Ron Brooks - Reach

5a. Tank Carder - Value

5b. T J Graham - Reach

6. Mark Asper - Reach

7. John Potter - Reach

Looking like this, we see 1 steal, 4 value and 4 reaches. But all the reaches are in the lower rounds and all the values are in the higher rounds. Plus the steal guy is basically a first round pick.

So, I would conclude this draft is not as bad as I thought. Plus, I can see the good in picking sanders, bradham and carder. Even ron brooks is not that much of a reach but I am not too high on him. I still hate the graham pick and WR is our biggest weakness now.

So with the fact that we have 4 high value picks and 1 high steal pick and only the bottom 4 picks were reaches I would give this draft a B+ . For those who want higher grade, there were steals to be had where we made value and reach picks.

One bold prediction though. This draft is going to lead to the demise of the Chix regime. Despite doing a lot of good things that has not happened in a decade here, the 3rd draft is when you typically hedge for things going against you.

They needed to have drafted a qb to develop this year so he is ready to make or break your 4th and final year. Fitz is not going to lead this team anywhere. If the Bills dont make the playoffs this year, they will go into their 4th year with possibly a rookie QB forced to make the playoffs.

By having the draft go this way, Nix has basically declared this year to be a make or break year for playoffs. In my opinion, totally unnecessary when you had one more year to further build the team.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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