Draft thoughts that no one cares about...

But I have nowhere else to spew them.

I think there are very few elite prospects in this draft. If you mixed the 2011-2012 draft classes and ranked the prospects, it might go something like this: (After the jump)

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Cam Newton
  3. RG III
  4. AJ Green
  5. Marcel Dareus
  6. Von Miller
  7. Patrick Peterson
  8. Julio Jones
  9. Matt Khalil
  10. Morris Clairborne
  11. Aldon Smith
  12. Tyron Smith
  13. Robert Quinn
  14. Trent Richardson
  15. Nick Fairley
  16. Ryan Kerrigan

My point? This is a very weak class.

    There will not be a player available at 10 for the Bills that would be worth the 10th pick in an average draft year, but somebody will have to be the 10th pick. I'm dreading the post draft season when talking heads blab about reaches and value. EVERY pick after five will be a reach, EVERY

    pick between 20-30 will be a value. Ugh.

    They may not be the best at their positions, but the following players are my favorite players in this draft and I will follow their careers even if they don't get drafted by the Bills:

  • Cordy Glenn LT Georgia (at LT) - Easily the 2nd best LT in this draft on video, imho.
  • Marvin Jones WR Cal - Does everything well, nothing great, except, he goes up and gets the ball as well as anyone in the draft. Blocks well, runs good routes, catches well. If he were a touch more explosive, he be in the conversation to be the first WR taken.
  • Joe Adams WR Arkansas - He's a shifty waterbug, he might be the best open field runner in this draft. He's slight, but he doesn't shy away from contact.
  • Coby Fleener TE Stanford - I'm against spending 1st round picks on TEs on principle, but Coby is damn fun to watch. He does so many things, it would just be fun to watch him go up and get the ball in the end zone.
  • Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE Alabama - Honestly, he doesn't make any sense for this team. He's not quick enough to play RE in this defense, and he's not going to see many snaps at LE (we got a guy). He's not a 4-3 LB at all. He'd be a good pass rushing LOLB, or could even move inside in some 3-4 schemes, but he's just fun to watch. He's like Kyle Williams light. Hands chopping like blender blades, always has the guy across from him off balance. He's mean as all get out on the field. I wish there were a position for him. I think he's the most pro ready DL in this draft, but it really has to be the right scheme. If he ends up a Jet or a Pat, I'll cry...and he'll be a perennial pro-bowler.
  • Doug Martin RB Boise St - I like workmanlike running backs. "He give me the ball, I'll give it back to you in 5 yards." Finds holes, runs low, runs hard. There isn't anything to dislike about his game except that he's too small to be a power back and not explosive enough to be a feature back.
  • Russel Wilson QB Wisconsin - He can really zing the ball. I think of him the way I thought ofTyrod Taylor last year. You'd have to craft an offense for him, and even then it's probably not worth it, but if he's your backup, he can win you a game or two in a pinch.
  • Mitchel Schwartz OL Cal - Total Bills Olineman type. Brings his lunch pail, he can play all 5 OL positions. Strong, mean, tough, smart. He'd fit in real well here. Probably a low 2nd round, high 3rd round pick.

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