Combine LT agility results

Someone asked for other notable LT agility results when I made a post about Cordy Glenn, however, I could no longer add a comment to that post so I had to put them here.

I just looked up the basic combine results from which I am sure isnt the most solid resource on the planet but it was okay for getting a rough estimate for combine information.

Well start with what we just lost out on:

Demetrius Bell: 6"5', 303 lbs

40 yard dash: 5.25 seconds, 26.5" vertical, 3-cone drill 7.65 seconds, bench press 9 reps.

Chris Hairston: 6'6" 326 lbs:

40 yard dash 5.38 seconds, 29" vertical leap, 3-cone 7.90 seconds, 33 reps on the bench press.

Next, the best LT in the draft, Matt Kalil: 6'6" 306 lbs

40 yard dash 4.99 seconds, 27" vertical, 3-cone in 7.33 seconds, bench press 30 reps.

Now Cordy Glenn: 6"5', 345 lbs

40 yard dash in 5.15 seconds, 3-cone in 8.13 seconds, 23" vertical and 31 reps for bench press.

Also, Jonathan Martin 6"5' 312 lbs:

40 yard dash in 5.33 seconds, and 20 in the bench press.. other results I couldnt find right away.

Riley Reiff 6'6" 313 lbs:

40 yard dash 5.23 seconds, 26" vertical, 3-cone in 7.87 seconds, 23 reps on the bench.

Now a couple notable LTs in the NFL right now:

Joe Thomas: 6"7' 311 lbs:

40 yard dash 4.92 seconds, 33" vertical, 3-cone 7.95 seconds, bench press 28 reps.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson 6"6' 312 lbs:

40 yard dash 5.08, vertical 30", 3-cone 7.62 seconds.

Finally: Jake Long 6"7' 313 lbs:

40 yard dash 5.22 seconds, vertical 27.5", 3-cone 7.44 seconds, bench press 37 reps.

Based on the numbers (which dont say a ton about a player) Cordy Glenn is in good company with respect to his results. Glenn is faster than Long but slower than Ferguson and Thomas while still being about 30 lbs heavier than all of them. He is a little bit slower in the 3-cone drill which is to be expected for a 350lb man, however, his strength in the bench press more than makes up for that as he posted more reps than Martin, Kalil, and Bell. His vertical is less than the others, however, if he were a basketball player I would be more concerned than in the NFL and plus he is 345lbs which has to reduce his liftoff a little bit I assume.

Overall, I have no idea if these combine results will translate into Glenn, Martin, Reiff, Kalil, or Hairston being the next Thomas, Ferguson or Long, however, it is fun to compare and contrast and try to notice any patterns that arise from the data. On the bright side, it does not look like we are losing athleticism with Bell choosing to sign with the Eagles which is something to hang our hat on no matter who we pick!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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