Morning Joe! Competition

Good morning my fellow Rumblers,

As you all know, when something bothers me I have to let it be known.

So over the past week or so I've been listening to Buddy Nix's pressers and he's been saying something that bothers me a lot. I'm also surprise that I haven't seen anyone mention this, because what he said doesn't necessarily jive with the majority of us Rumblers.

What I'm referring to is this idea of competition. Buddy routinely reiterates the fact that he wants competition on this roster at every position, which is perfectly fine with me. To drive home this point, he actually drafted a kicker and brings in a punter to compete, once again fine with me.

Okay, so what's up Doc?

Well I'm listening to his presser in regards to bringing in Vince Young as a back up QB to compete with the other back up for that role and saying flat out that Vince Young would NOT be competing for the starting role. He also ensured Fitzy that his job as a starter is safe.

Well who the heck he think he is? The last time I checked, Ole Buddy was the GM and Chan was the coach. Isn't it up to the coaches to decide who plays on game day and who starts? Don't get me wrong, I understand he's the GM and makes personnel decisions but should he be making on field decisions too?

So I stopped myself and gave Buddy a little credit and said, well maybe this a joint decision between he and the head coach. But this made it worse for me. I want you all to know, I'm no VY supporter or anything like that, but to tell a guy in so many words "it doesn't matter what you do from now and the start of the season, there is no way you will be the starting QB not unless Fitz gets hurt". Is it just me or do you all agree that this a little premature? If Fitz stinks it up, they still will start him week 1?

What bothers me the most is the blind faith that they have in Fitz. I can see a GM or a coach saying this if you got Rogers, Breese, Brady, Manning(s) on your teams, but what the heck Fitz has done to make him so untouchable? What I liked so much about Chan and Buddy when they first got here, they said "nobody's job is safe, not even ours", but why doesn't this apply to Fitz?

Competition is only going to make this team better and competition at the QB position should be the most important one, as most of us agree that this team will only go as far as Fitzy arm takes us. I'm not saying that they should intentionally start a QB battle, but they could've simply said "we bought VY in here to compete and he has just as much of an opportunity as anyone to make this team and getting playing time. We looking for the best players to play on Sundays, who ever that may be. As always, no ones job is safe not even ours".

So what do you guys think, am I being a little too sensitive? Please let me know

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