D!R!A!F!T! ...'snot Late, jus dinna git published anywhere

Buffalo Bills Draft Theme's [we know Buddy's got 'em, ie: SEC]
1) Balancing: skill sets, need, value
2) agile, mobile, hostile
3) flyers first, bigs & backers w/high worth

Nobody is going to say everybody got good value or that anybody got good value with each pick, nor will everyone agree on the all the various evaluations of team a or b or c. But it is generally being viewed that the majority of Buffalo's picks represented moderate-at-worst consensus valuation at their time of selection. It also can't be argued that of their most widely agreed upon worst-positions, they generally got Two quality potential solutions that usually had the experience &/or prototypical mold expected of players most desired in similar O/D scheme's at those positions.

Today, it feels like Buffalo's draft should be graded positively in comparison to most other teams, in May of 2014 will I feel the same? Who knows? But when I look at the average number of questionable fits/reaches/players that I see drafted around the league per team, the Bills picks look more consistently safer-to-expect-from, which makes me come away confident that I will. These are mostly high character kids according to most of the people around them, who represented mostly good value & seem to have most of the attributes wanted when looking at the Bills most needed positions. This feels like a quality draft that has a floor of providing a few durable quality backups and a ceiling that matches the heights of any & all recent Bills drafts.

When Buffalo went "fast" [although, when didn't they?] they got guys who are going to come in to be used very specifically, they didn't duplicate picks, the players "doubled-up" at each position cover different skill-sets than the primary pick. Most of the new guys are said by most to move better than most of their draftable cohort peers ...which is mos def kewl.

Buffalo's middle round picks, in particular, will each be considered the Bills' fastest &/or most athletic on the roster at their respective positions, plus each fits an exact role on their side of the ball & it wouldn't be unrealistic of fans to think more than 1/2 of 'em could get consistent spin in those roles this season ...oh, & they all excel at special teams and you know how we love quality S.T. play baby! It aint just that they Have to be impactful on 4th/5th downs, or like I'm looking for ways to pucker up to some buttocks, no no no, each of them have been considered among the elite S.T. players at some level [team, conference, division] so don't be surprised to see 'em well represented at the key kick formation positions and as "the-3rd-this-or-that"'s, 'cause they've all gots well-defined skillz, that earned scholarships/drafting, thereby by paying the, ahem, Bills [well, vice versa, but ce la vie].

Precursor warning: I feel an article like this would serve the reader poorly to have the player profiles jammed in & minimized, ne'er ye worry, in-depth exposes will come in the future, but for now, why don't you take a gander at the mini's...

Both Potter & Powell are both considered to be Plus leg strength, S.T. tackling & timed-speed guys, albeit @P & K. Don't laugh! They can reasonably set goals to @least squad-it-up come September, who knows man? ~~~Zebrie & Cordy both have an inordinately high number of positionally elite timed/taped measurables and are widely considered among the most "flexible" linemen in most ways one might normally use the term to reference a lineman's skills. If I were to say: Cordy = RT/LT/G & Zebrie = LG/LT/RT [skill-set projection not where I think they'll line-up], no one would strongly believe me to be a total moron. When asked, most people will reference one or the other as a player they consider Buffalo to have draft-stole. Cordy is a bull that could learn to dance whilst Zebrie is a dancer that could learn to bull. ~~~Both of the new Buff'backers get to the ball quickly but for a totally opposite set of reasons. An Ideal 2014: Nigel @SAM & Tank@WILL ...but, Nigel best projects to be [& plays more like] a prototype-measurable WILL, while Tank will most likely certainly end up an undersized SAM because of his undoubtedly elite instincts plus his boomstick closing prowess. Watching Tank tackle is like a video game athlete being played by a kid who knows how to really-wisely use his NOS/boost for the most affect. I don't think either will start in yr#1 though because I think the starting Bills LB's are an underrated group & underrated individuals.

Admittedly, I wanted better or more WR's, but after the draft I asked myself a "War Room Question", which was this: If the Bills player evaluation team thought there were no likely-to-be #1b-'ish type of speedsters left [Buffalo does not need another tall/possession WR] then wouldn't the next best thing be, to just bring in who they thought was the best Roscoe-replicate, since there's nary a quality protege on the roster? Buddy Nix thinks he did that. He's also had a seemingly better first-2-plus-yrs-as-Bills-GM than our last few have had, so call me a lemming if ya wanna, but I trust him. I don't love it, but this dude is already possibly the fastest cat on our team. So let's say TJ's not the returner [plus Mc-gee/kelvin have Renaissance season(s)], then to have him be a gunner opposite one of our backup, under 4.4-40 CB freshmen, won't cause me to lose a wink of sleep, not that I sleep well anyhow, not that you cared to know. ~~~Anywho, Stephon & Ron are both hard lil fella's who are well-respected at run-stuffing & blitzing respectively. Both have showcased how they can burn & bash with the best of this year's CB prospects on the tape & by the tape. Differences being, Stephon is he of the blue-print-prototype-build whilst Ron has had the bad fortune of being short & 'only' the 3rd CB on some elite LSU D's that next year may produce their 3rd consecutive 1st Rd CB [Honeybadger could change that to "Top-10" w/another standout yr]. Also, the SEC is more of a minor league for football than the U(S)FL, CFL, XFL & NFL-Europe combined ever have been, so ya'll go ahead & draft as many players as you want to from 'em, no wag-of-the-finger coming from me Buddy.

Finally, for the UDFA's we got [minus the aforementioned P] ...a former 5-star USC recruit QB ...the #2 YPA RB in college ...a few tough-yet-obscure projected S's destined for S.T. & Squad depth [hey, prove me wrong, please, I'd love it] ...a monster mauler who was constantly injured so he might possibly be more than just a squad'der multiple others! Don't mind my "forgetting" of Mark Asper, he's a Mt of a Man who could purportedly play all interior OL positions, on the practice squad, if he beats out the Bills' OL UDFA's, & shows advanced veteran composure/techinque. Let's face it, they didn't draft him for the future, he's Merriman's age, it was Buffalo's hit-or-miss pick, the long-term future prospects are dilluted, but at that point they just wanted an in-case-of-emergency-break-glass C [that pun's for you Amar'e] & wanted that egg to come from a seasoned basket.

Don't mind my shortness here, it's just that I'm not a scout so my competent-conjecture only stretches so far, plus, statistically-speaking, I know as much as anyone will ever need to about these fellas. No offense meant of course, like, are they all cooler than me just for making a preseason roster? Yeah sure, absolutely. Does that mean I need to devote hours of research &/or an evenly-sized paragraph to them? No way man, absolutely not.

P.S. (prepub yet postdraft/drafting) - seeing more film, reading more about rookOTAs and reading more opinion-analysis has refined my views ever so slightly 12yr old whisky being switched over to a sherry cask for it's final 6 years of aging. But, thy shalt not finish draftee/undrafted freshman reviews until after the real OTA's so I can actually get some added extra tangible firsthand opinion-ation's on these here fellas. But until then, I must bid you auf wiedersehen, my new friends.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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