Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 5/21

May 15, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young addresses the media during a press conference at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
Mario Williams is going to play left end, Shawne Merriman looks good coming back from an Achilles injury, and Doug Flutie's one of the greatest quarterbacks under 6'0".

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL… - NFL.com
"Officially, we’re calling Vince Young a backup QB for the Bills. Yeah, that’s what he is. And Young, no doubt, has said all the right things in his new home. He’s hoping for one final chance. But let’s be serious. Young isn’t a real backup for starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. Their styles are too different, and too much of the offense will have to change if he comes in."

MSU football: Former Spartan fights for NFL vets | Lansing State Journal
"I’m fine, but I’m one of the rare guys," DeLamielleure said. "And I’m only fine for how long? You don’t know when something’s going to kick in. Do I have weird things? Yeah, man, I don’t sleep at night. I’ve got 60% hearing loss in my left ear from right-handed defensive linemen head-slapping me. There’s no wedge, there’s no Astroturf, no head slap (in the NFL now), how come? Because we were the walking guinea pigs for these guys."

Fantasy Football Sharks - Using Late Round Draft Picks to Draft Unknown Preseason Studs
Would you use a late round fantasy pick to take David Clowney? This guy would.

Cornelius Bennett vows to help make football safer | al.com
"We know the bubble helmets protect the head. But no matter what kind of hel­met you have, there's no way to protect the brain if you take the wrong kind of hit," Bennett said. "A Kevlar helmet won't stop brain trauma with the wrong kind of hit. But we're making changes on a daily basis. Football is a great game, and we'll make it safer."

NFL – Buffalo Bills Off-Season Grades | Gather
"The front office did everything possible to make this team a contender this year and now the players will need to step up and earn those big contracts that they signed. The grade this off-season for the Buffalo Bills is a solid B for this team, but if Williams and Anderson stay healthy and produce, this could become an A and Buffalo could become a sleeper team in the upcoming NFL season."

Buffalo Bills: Projected 2012 Starting Lineups - Buffalo Rising
"Again, we're doing some guesswork here and I will make sure to highlight some of the more unsure choices (positions where competition, not clarity, exists just now will be marked with a star "*"), but, regardless, here's one man's idea of what the Bills may look like when they come out on the field to start the season."

Hoosier Hype | Indiana Daily Student | Buffalo Bills don’t have a spot for Thomas
"They said that they like me a lot, but they don’t have space on their team," Thomas said Wednesday. "They dropped a couple guys and they signed two more, so they filled their roster."

Bills Rookie Camp an Embodiment of Cultural Change in Buffalo | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
"Buffalo is holding it down? Buffalo is beautiful? Ladies and gentleman, the transformation is complete: Buffalo has finally become a place where players want to play (although we might consider ourselves lucky that is wasn’t snowing on the May day these Bills took their tour). This is what this year’s camp was to me: a final embodiment of the culture change that has finally taken place in the Buffalo Bills organization."

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