Thoughts of multiple fans in one head

3x the Loving & Questioning of the 2012 Bills, with progressively longer rants, but not as bad as the last time, lol. Hey, I was bored just now, so that begot this...

...syke! but seriously, hopefully this begets rec's [yuck on the shameless plug] --

~ dude, we've got awesome stability all over!

"what about the 4-3, huh?" a lot of the players have been in it, plus it fits the strengths of most of them personally as well as it does their collective talents as an overall group

"...but is it a good nucelus?" you are kidding right? a lot of Buffalo's talent has shown some serious sheen and the majority of it is both young and highly drafted/regarded

~ trench warfare victory is ours, muahhaha!

"...but ya'll got bad injury history & a lot of shuffling!" well, that happens when you add so much prime/youthful talent. Fans can Billieve in depth @every line position enabling coaches to freely substitute & have injury replacements be more than mediocre for once

"Paper changes haven't helped the Eagles/Redskins ya know!" ...but they haven't hurt N.E., Baltimore, G.B. or even Buddy Nix while walking his dog & finding a street FA holding a "Will Tackle For Food" sign, feeding him a hoagie & getting Gailey to coax decent play out of him

~ I see no way our "O" & "D" aren't nuclear-explosive!

"...& I've only seen a 1/3yr of good O, plus, um, well, the D plays every game." nice sarcasm but clearly you have got no idea. FredEx would've been a top vote getter for MVP wo/the IR-thing, plus the OLine was one of the best in the league even with boatloads of injurys & inexperience. yo, look at the main-skills of the D, aight ...ball hawks & pass rushers & big hitters, Oh My

"the D is full of question marks & the passing game far over-achieved." ok, these are legit concerns. The D is loaded w/too much youth, all of the vet's are at least slightly in the down-phase & there's lots of injury history concern ...+ Fitz'll never be confused w/elite, there is no great #2 WR or TE & Stevie's best role would be a 1B to a flyer on an awesome O's my cop-out ...I hear ya, but a disagreement would need to be explained, perhaps another time

P.S.: not that I wish for ill-will, but, This One's to hoping that Arthur Moats or Marcus Easley don't go all Jim Leonhard or Jabari Greer or Jason Peters for some other team ...jus' sayin'

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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