Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 5/28

A Name on the Wall - SI Vault
"Bob Kalsu had just finished a stellar rookie year in the NFL when he chose to serve in Vietnam - and became the only U.S. pro athlete to die there."

Memorial Day's honor belongs to fallen heroes like former Bills lineman Robert Kalsu - Palm Beach Post
Bob Kalsu's son, Robert Jr., discusses the father he never knew. Kalsu follows the Buffalo Bills religiously, and talks about his dad's name on the Wall of Fame.

Remembering Five Athletes Who Died While Serving Their Country - Forbes
Kalsu is among a handful of professional athletes who gave their lives for the United States since World War I.

July 21, 1970: Bob Kalsu killed in Vietnam - Buffalo Rumblings
On the 40th anniversary of his death, Buffalo Rumblings remembered how Bob Kalsu lost his life in Vietnam.

This Day in Buffalo Sports History: A tragic anniversary - The Buffalo News
"July 21, 1970 - It's one of the saddest days in Buffalo Bills' history, as offensive lineman Bob Kalsu dies when he is hit by mortar fire in Vietnam's Ashua Valley."

Inside The Bills | Kalsu: The whole story
"Kalsu was the Sports Illustrated cover story back in 2001 and the nine page write up is a must for any Bills fan."

Billy Shaw On Bob Kalsu's Sacrifice - Buffalo Rumblings
On Memorial Day, 2011, Hall of Fame guard Billy Shaw pays tribute to the man that may have replaced him in the Bills lineup.

Remembering those who served is what today is all about - themorningsun.com
"Although not nearly as well known, Bob Kalsu, a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, was killed in Vietnam in 1970. He was in the ROTC program at the University of Oklahoma, and was called to active duty following his first season in the NFL."

Bills teammates still remember Kalsu - BuffaloBills.com
Billy Shaw talks about the man that was destined to take his place before a mortar attack cut short Bob Kalsu's life.

A Memorial Day Tribute to Bob Kalsu - Buffalo Rumblings
On Memorial Day three years ago, Buffalo Rumblings saluted a Buffalo Bill that gave his life for his country - Bob Kalsu.

Memorial Day Tribute: James Robert Kalsu, Sr. - True North
Bob Kalsu's daughter responded to a letter from Brad Carlson of the Minnesota political blog True North.

November 12, 2000 - Kalsu and Saimes Added To Wall Of Fame - Buffalo Rumblings
George Saimes and Bob Kalsu were added to the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame in 2000.

Ralph Wilson Jr. - NFL's military men - FOX Sports List
"Wilson enlisted in the Navy and was in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters during World War II. He went on to found the Buffalo Bills and was an influential AFL owner. Wilson was a key figure in the merger between the AFL and the NFL, and was enshrined in the Hall of Fame in 2009."

YouTube - Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston
The "Star Spangled Banner" from Super Bowl XXV performed by Whitney Houston. With the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants playing in the Super Bowl everyone was wearing red, white, and blue while the country had just gone to war with Iraq.

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