Morning Joe! Behind the Scenes at Rumblings

Good morning Rumblers,

I'm really excited about today's post. Today is the day we find out what "really" goes on behind the scenes at Rumblings. This question has been bothering me for years, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know. I've speculated and wondered for years; how does Rumblings work?

Now I realize that we can probably get the answer to this question two different ways.:

1) Brian, MRW, or one of the other folks finally toss us a bone and it tell us their secrets

2) Someone out there who's been around since the beginning of this site, can fill us in on the secret.

Now I know, from time-to-time Brian and the Crew slums around the fan post section of this site to gage the pulse of the bloggers, so there's a good chance they might just read this post and actually answer some of our questions.

So why should they tell us anything? Because we will boycott if they don't? lol lol...Even if that was true, I'll be the first to cross the picket lines, because I'm seriously addicted to this site. I keep this site up on my second monitor at work.. I read it on my way to and from work...I read it on my phone while on the toilet...I even read it right before bed...So I'll just say, they owe it to us.

So Brian and Crew, what do we want to know? Everything. After the jump, I'll pose some questions I need answered
and the rest of you guys can feel free to post your own questions.

Top 10 questions in order of importance:

1) Do you get paid? How much (optional)? :-) We really want to know.

2) How do you become apart of the staff? Interviews, writing samples?

3) What's the end goal? Do you have aspirations of writing for, ESPN, FOX, etc.?

4) When you write your articles, is the goal to just provide the facts and not your opinions?

5) MRW, how the heck do you manage to scourer the internet and find all those articles about the Bills?

6) Admins, how do you monitor all of these post?

7) Why does everything abayarde post get Rec, regardless of punctuation and grammar? Sorry abayarde I'm just curious. I Rec them too; not knowing why :-)

8) What happens when you guys are gone? Do you guys call each other up and say, post this for me? And what is this Auto Post you guys speak of?

9) What is the chain of command? If both Brian and MRW can't post the articles, who's expected to step up and post something, and who's next after that?

10) Can a Fan Post ever make the front page of the website?

Okay, so these are the questions I would love to have answered and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Feel free to answer these questions however you like guys, and folks feel free to add your own questions. If anyone else knows the answers to these questions, please answer.

Let the fun begin! :-)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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